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Yesterday was a public holiday, here. The Husband's battling to finish a job - somebody's bathroom. Everyone needs it to be done - especially as the resident, as a mutual friend put it - has bathroom trauma. That has more to do with the Heath Robinson practices of the land person than anything else. That's the short version; the longer is not my story to tell.

That's a long way to saying that with no interruptions - from anyone - I planned a day at my desk. For a while I've been getting an error message in my email app. I ignored it and thought, yesterday, while I waited for the kettle to boil, I'd do a quick repair.

Big mistake: a more serious problem

I set out to repair MS Office. Only for "Bill" to advise that there is no such installation.


I have a monthly subscription, I'm signed in...


I went to the online and started from scratch.


Talk about watching paint dry!! Then I cleaned up - my laptop. Again. By which stage most of my day, and my brain, not to mention my sense of humour, had fled.

I managed complete one and start another job - at my desk - because you can't leave Bill unsupervised. These, at least, enabled me to say I'd accomplished at least something before I took to my happy place. The kitchen.

Fish feels


Every time we have fish, I say how much we miss it. Last evening it was a version of fish and chips. This time, I didn't screw up the plan and we had everything we needed in the pantry - and more. I'm glad because I needed some me time and I always get that in the kitchen when I dream up combinations we've not had - ever - or for a while.


Just about the only fish that we can get is good old hake (stock fish). There's a "factory shop" and we can buy it in bulk and keep it in the deep freeze. Not ideal, but hey, better than the proverbial kick in the you-know-what!

I pan-fried it with lemon and then served it with potato wedges and home made tartar sauce.


Instead of a salad, I made a side of green beans and olives. Now, that, I'll most certainly do again.

Which reminds me, it's time to address the olives that have been languishing in a salt solution for a couple of months...

More to follow.

Until next time, be well
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Post script

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Technology and I definitely a love-hate relationship!

As always, your dishes look amazing and have succeeded in making me hungry, haha!

Yip. Rather not have it, but what would we do without it?

As always, your dishes look amazing and have succeeded in making me hungry, haha!


I know the feeling Fiona, that's why I put stuff like that off as it ends up into an all day affair, soooo frustrating!
It's like my new cellphone, it's been silently waiting for me to complete setting it up!
The food looks good and much healthier & tastier than oily fish & chips.
Have a good Wednesday 🤗

It's like my new cellphone, it's been silently waiting for me to complete setting it up!

That's why I stick with Samsung. They have an app that does it for you.

much healthier & tastier than oily fish & chips.

But sometimes, slap tjips....

Hope you've had a good day, Lizelle!

I know I know...but the camera enticed me; it has 4 cameras and Huawei still takes better images. We cloned it with my old Samsung but of course the old one is jealous and spiteful, so now it's going to take a bit longer BUT I need to order that screen protector first as I abuse my poor phones🙄
Nothing beats slap chips, but I've had too much of that lately and the reflux smacks me afterwards!