Airbrush painting + Process


When I first got into digital painting sometime in 2018, the brush that I first used was the airbrush tool. I heard a lot of digital artists cringing when they see an airbrush tool being used to paint hahah well I don't blame them, it should only be used to smoothen things out but not the entire painting.

Fast forward to now, I just felt like painting something without thinking of styles, colors etc.. Just, you know, normal paint haha. So I did this last night.

I used the airbrush cos it's only for fun anyway. Besides, I miss the blending stuff on airbrush. It's also cos I got tempted to paint like how those artists on Instagram would. Dunno, was fun.

Here's some video of me painting it, not the usual timelapse that I post. Maybe I should record this more often... with good recordings, of course. This was only done last night so I wasn't really thinking of the setup :p

I hope you find it satisfying to watch from beginning to end.

And yes I know I made an effort with both eyes and now I just scribbled on top haha! I don't really care though, it was just a practice and for fun. Besides, I really find my portraits now boring without it.

Here's the one before the 'disaster' :p



I personally really like how the face gets a sort of glow on it, I think that airbrushing is a total.y different skill compared to normal painting when you talk about doing it in real life. Probably easier to adapt with an airbrush when using it digitally? I'm always amazed by what people can create using an airbrush, always wanted to try it one day, but so far haven't had the chance lol. Did you ever use it non-digitally?

Ah the old air brush dilemma. Being a total noob at digital art, I thought of air brushes as the holy grail to blending before I got a hint of how value painting should be done. But there's always something about the air brush and similar brushes that makes me impulsively want to find reasons using them. How many layers do you usually use when painting?

Hahah yeah me too! Air brush is actually good when you know how to use/balance it. It’s really satisfying with the blending, but will just give you the blurry effect.

Usually I have around 15-20 layers but that’s for works with a lot of subjects. For this one I just have 3. For pure portraits (with no doodles etc) sometimes I just merge them all to one layer cos I’m still having a traditional feels when doing it 🤣

Trying to force myself to limit my layers not beyond 6 for potato laptop reasons and trying to bank on the traditional feels. It's amazing some people can work with multiple layers? I just need sketch, flats, shades, highlights, and finishing touches for a piece. But I can see the value of using multiple layers, you can make tons of possibilities in a single layer for the overall impact.

Do you watch some tutorials online for digital art or you go discover techniques on your own? I do both but more on the former side of things.

I like the eyes