Simple Dinner

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Meehoon Soup

This was when I don’t feel like cooking, browse grab food app but didn’t see anything I want to eat, I’m Hungry and I got thing to do... arghhh.. we all went through time like this sometimes and I do wish that I don’t need to eat but that is impossible! If I don’t eat then I’m inviting gastric therefore need to find food to eat.

Earlier on, I did cook pork bone soup. Didn’t know what to eat with the soup then I took out the meehoon and put the soup into it. Tadaaaa that my dinner! Simple and easy. I also did make red dates tea in the morning. Took me less than 10 minutes and I have my dinner ready to eat. This is a simple dinner and I just want my stomach to stop singing😆.. I’m not able to concentrate when I’m hungry.. you know how it feel like right?

What is the simplest dinner have you cook for yourself when you’re busy? Apart from instant noodle..


Wow.. Looks yummy 😍

Well, simplest dinner I've made would be a nice egg burji with mushrooms and slice chicken

How do you cook it?