Anti-racism and Critical Race Theory in practice.

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Reporter Christopher Ruffo reveals the Critical Race Theory indoctrination clamping the iron hand on all Disney employees in Biden/Harris’s New Woke America. Heil Mickey!

Walt Disney Co. has reportedly joined corporate America’s rush toward critical race theory, teaching staff that America is rooted in “systemic racism” and that white employees must show special deference to their black colleagues.

This fits right in with the State of California Board of Education declaring that excellence in math is now racist and will not be permitted. Students who excel in math will be held back so those who can’t perform as well will look better. Advanced and gifted math programs will be verboten until Grade 11. That way there will be no science excellence in California in ten years or less and thank Woke-ness for that! Science and math are all White Privilege.

As nearly as I can figure, California Liberals believe that Black folks are not capable of learning math and science without white people to baby them. That’s the very essence of anti-racism and Critical Race Theory. I’m confused about this and I think actually it’s the most poisonously racist thing to have been seen in America since the Civil Rights Bill abolished Racial Segregation and Jim Crow laws. The reason why I’m so un-Woke is that I’m white and a man and heterosexual and I still think being born with a penis makes me a male, all these terrible wrong-thinks that must be destroyed in order to have Equity.

So I think we might be able to anticipate what kind of “instruction” will be given to California elementary school kids and also piped into their heads on TV, in the movies, and on-line. I’m betting that any suggestion that Walt Disney was a Nazi sympathizer will also be verboten.