A Nice 4 Foot Fence High For A Lovely Customer.

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Hiya guys,

One of the jobs I do is fencing, and I do it for customers as cheap as chips.

The way I do this is by putting in a budget fence and it is something that anyone can afford.

Now doing fencing isn't an easy job, there are quite a few things to take into account before putting a fence up.

  1. Are you replacing a fence?

  2. Is it the first fence?

  3. And what is the gound like?

So this job was something I wasn't expecting, I thought that it would be a straightforward dig the holes, pop in the posts, and place the panels in, but it turned out to be a nightmare of a job and I'll explain why.

When I went to quote the job there was already fencing in, it had been damaged from the wind and needed replacing, so I checked the ground with a screwdriver and thought to myself it was going to be a straight dig and drop job.

Well under the soil about 6 inches down turned out to be a concrete slab, that had been there for years, in fact even the neighbor didn't know it was there and he had been in his property for 35 years.

So we had to dig into the concrete and try and smash our way through using a hammer and concrete chisel and an angle grinder.

these turned out to be useless as the concrete was solid and had lime stone in it, so I had to drive back to my house and get my breaker.



once the concrete was out it was straight sailing from there, the posts went in then the gravel boards then the fence itself.




Once the side was level and the posts all matched each other we knew we were on to a winner, and we made our way to the other side of the garden to put a second lot of fence panels up.

I thought this would be easier, but again I banged my head against a wall as I found that there were other obstacles in the way.


The picture above shows the fence sitting on what looks like grass but it turned out to be a retaining wall, we had to cut into the wall without damaging the neighbor's side to get the second post in, and the post on the wall is bolted on to it as there was no place to put the post into the ground as it was the building foundation.


The rest of the fence went up without a problem and before I knew it my dinner was on the table at home.

So I learned some lessons while doing this job.

  1. expect the unexpected.
  2. always take more tools than you think you need.
  3. over quote, as this job took a day and a half and I only factored in for a day.

Hope you enjoyed the post and until next time. stay safe :D