Survival Saturday #25: Half an Acre and Independence!

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If you can get yourself some land, here is a roadmap to making that land feed you.

Really, once you have land that feeds you, what else do you need?

This excerpt comes from Volume #9 of The Survivor.


It will show you, step by step, how to build a successful farm on half an acre.




If you try, dear reader, I bet you can find what you need to escape this rat race.
If you have a job, there is no excuse for not saving for the day that you too can make the break from the grid.

Doing so is the only way we escape this crapitalust dystopia you call normal.

I assure you, dear reader, this is not how things have to be.
We can manage this planet in a much more equitable, efficient way.

Keep working, stop paying!


I hear that very cheap land is still possible in the USA...Not so much in Canada and they revoked the homesteading laws in the early '70s...In Canada, they've pretty well hoarded and speculated the price of land to oblivion. You'd have to be young and play the game for a while to get there unless one is born into money...

Yeah, it's not as easy to make it as it once was.
More bankster slavery.