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Big announcement!!!!! I spent the entirety of 2021 building up my website, and by the end of the year I felt like I finally had the hang of how to write blogs and create a functioning website. SOOOO why not make another website that coincides with my current life adventures and begin a new journey?!

That is exactly what I did, and I would like to present to you:

I still operate, but it is focused primarily around my gaming and stream brand. I stream five days a week on Twitch, create music, and do other activities that pertain to the streaming world. Where does homesteading fit into that though? For a while, I was combining recipes and homesteading with my stream content, but that just didn’t make sense to me after a while. It was a big decision to launch another website because it is loads of work, but I believe it is the best decision! Combining my two brands of gaming and homesteading didn’t make sense to me as they are on different ends of the content creation spectrum, haha.

My Gubba Homestead slogan is Self-Sustained Homesteading for a Healthful, Independent Life, and I stand by that! I’m not only creating homesteading content on this website, but I am sharing my homestead adventures on the social media channels associated with the homestead - @ gubbahomstead on all socials. It is a slow process as I get the reigns on how I want to create content, but it is exciting!


Gaming will always be a part of my life in some form or another because I plan to stream for forever! As I learned, though, when I was banned on Twitch in 2020, my platform can be taken away from me. My inspiration for building was to have something that couldn’t be taken away from me (I mean it still could be…) but Twitch can’t take it away from me. My homestead is also mine, and I want to build that brand as I grow as a homesteader.

Come along with me on this new adventure! Check out my and let me know what you think 😊


I'll also be creating unique articles and content here on hive. There's so much more to come that I'm excited about this year!


Psst! Hive's 'follower list' can never be deleted. Use that to your advantage. Even if you get banned or a site goes down, you can't lose your people if it's etched into a blockchain permanently.


Someone like you is a content machine and has enough to spread over to entities and not let the other one dry up. I would link each of them from eachother for SEO and make sure you sprinkle each with fresh content so that they both stay current and viable. Either that or have link to a gubbatv page.

Excited to follow your adventures on Hive!

Thanks for the great tips and for coming along with me on my adventures!

Very cool - looking forward to seeing where you take it!

Thanks I already have big plans for this year starting with some chickens and starting the garden. I may venture into goats still deciding on that.

Very cool. Will have a look at your website. We want to go self sufficient this year.
Looking forward to your adventures. 😊

That's amazing! I'm sure we will learn a lot from each other. Best teacher is getting started and doing it.

Yes, would be nice. I know… just starting is the best way to do so. But… we first have to move 😉
No idea when yet though. All I know it will be this year. It mainly depends on how long the paperwork takes. But it will happen 😊

Yup, mixing homesteading and gaming content is such a weird thing that it surely makes the most sense to separate them!


lol, exactly

Great post, and a good looking fledgeling website!

I would like to extend a formal invitation to join the Homesteading Community here on Hive. It's neither large nor particularly active, but it is home to few other passionate homesteaders, and receives pretty good vote support.

Thank you I'll be sure to check it out. Always looking to learn and see what other fellow homesteaders are doing.

Hello @gubbatv . We are Flor and Rex and we are new on hive. We are excited to read more of your stories about homesteading.

Welcome to hive 😄

Yay! 🤗
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Nice idea and some good video.

If you add this with some little story you might get another little income. But way more important - a lot more friends!

keep this enthusiasm,,,alive and visit our id,dear