Very cool , I love how the controller came out with those buttons, great color choice too!

Despite 70 mm/s being nice, I would recommend trying some quick prints with no speeds exceeding 50 mm/s because of the known issues with your 4.2.2 mobo.

What material and temps are you running?

Your belts might need a little tightening and Z threaded rod cleaned with a brush.

Overall the prints look really nice on the controller, but you have some printing issues occurring that should be addressed or they will just get worse. Troubleshooting the Ender is not fun, but it's worth it in the long run :)

Happy printing!

Thanks! The buttons are a little taller than the original too and I really enjoy that while gaming.

PLA+ at 200c and bed at 60c

I have been testing printing at higher speeds because I converted it to direct drive so I'm working on getting it tuned. I'm printing belt tensioners next and yes, my Z rod definitely needs a cleaning! Thanks for the tips.

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Totally, makes sense having the taller buttons! Probably better on the fingers :)

That temp might be a little high , but idk for sure.. would try 190, maybe 195 first. (I print PLA+ at 190 in most cases, 205 usually for first layer)

The bed, pretty perfect. I use 60 with near perfect adhesion, lighter colors I have to bump it to 61 sometimes, not sure why but it's just what I have discovered over trial and error.
For some prints a glue stick works GREAT, and easily wipes off with a damp cloth ;)
I assure you the protests online about not using glue are just folks being a little finicky about their bed plate cleanliness... but removing prints glued should be done while plate is hot, because otherwise it's a real nightmare and could mess up your plate.

The direct drive won't make a lick of difference if the board is firing off rogue signals, but in this case your prints look more Z-bandy and melty. (Still planning to print that mod, really love it! but have a print order I'm working on currently)

Maybe just check the belts and Z rod because I can tell you don't wanna slow that thing down 🤣

Haha I do love how much faster it is. Maybe I need to upgrade my mobo at some point. I'll definitely check the z belt and try printing at 195. I really need to clean the whole printer lol. I have been using $1 hairspray for adhesion and it works really well with the glass bed. I also tried glue sticks but I prefer the spray

Might not be a bad idea to upgrade yeah.. In my case, 8 months of troubleshooting to near perfect prints.. might as well keep it! An upgrade will only be for faster prints, in which case I could just buy a new printer at this point and keep the slower one for easier smaller prints.

I have been using $1 hairspray for adhesion and it works really well with the glass bed.

😂 Nice, I've heard hairspray will do the trick!

If you're anything like me when it comes to cleaning hate it a super high powered air blower will get the job done!


Verified that this thing is so powerful I can use it as a leaf blower from my bathroom window. 40 dollars.

The brushes, I use for the rails ;)

Very true. Thanks for the tip on the blower! Gunna order one right away

This gave me an idea to make a cleaning video :D

What better way to show you the massive strength this thing has.. It's overkill seriously... I LOVE IT.

You're welcome, I'm happy to help :)

Show me the way! I'd love a video

looks great I would love to do the same but don't have 3d printer

They're very inexpensive at this point! A good one is about $200

but for me who earn 50 to 80$ a month its hard

I understand! One day you will be able to do it.

This is so cool dude !PIZZA

Thanks! It was a fun project

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