What's He Up To Now? [And Other Landrover News]

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We're still not allowed to go anywhere, because our state premier insists we all stay home because of coronavirus. Our 14 day daily average for regional Vic? 4.9. Metropolitan Melbourne has worse restrictions than us, but they have 78.6 as their fortnight average. Most of the deaths have been in aged care homes. Oh - don't even get me started. There's no point focussing my attention on the increased surveillance, loss of right to protest, closing businesses, anger and frustration so many people are feeling right now, and I don't even want to get into a debate - as usual, if you want to exit the lockdown people say 'do you want old people to die?' as if it's all that simple.

So, rather than focussing energies on what we can't do, we're focussing on what we can. There is a lot to do around here - all the things we couldn't do if we were travelling. Still, we hope to get a few weeks in by the end of the year, although I'd be suprised if we are allowed.

Today's project? A welding project. Can you guess what it is?




Yup, it's something for Buttercup! How did you guess? Rather than a holiday on a tropical island, sitting at a taverna in Greece, fishing in Western Australia or exploring temples in Asia, he's welding. I mean, even lying in the back of Buttercup in the middle of the busy somewhere in Victoria would be nice, a little like this:


We did go for a drive the other day. We're allowed to do that, so long as we don't get out of the car. But if you are in the middle of tthe bush and there's no police or surveillance cameras - or other people around - I guess that's okay, right?


So anyway, back to what he's building. Do you know what it is yet?


It's a brownchurch style roofrack for Buttercup, which look like the one in the photo below. They were originally made for the Camel Trophy landrovers, and can fit jerry cans and so on on the top. We need one to fit surfboards for day to day stuff, and a rooftop tent when we get one organised.


Anyway, that's not all the Landrover news. We bought another Landrover. Yes, @mrprofessor, squeal with delight.

But what have we bought? Can you guess?

5 HIVE to the person who guesses right by the time it rolls down the driveway off the back of a truck in two days time! And don't worry, we have a really lengthy explanation for what we've done, which I'll tell you about in a couple of days.

With Love,

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Your roof rack is going to be awesome! You bought another Landrover? The only model I know is the Defender, so I will guess that!

You won! Because @galenkp gave it away, as he knew already haha. Yes, it's a Defender 130. Gluttons for punishment. So exciting.

It arrives in the morning - funnily enough, the truckie rang us and he's only half an hour away but he's staying the night in town and driving out in the morning. So close yet so far away. I dont think my hsuband will sleep tonight!

I'm a big bloody idiot. Sorry Riv. I got too excited and blabbed. I'll send you 5 hive for my error. 🙂


Aw you are a sweetheart. It's here, by the way!!!! I'll update with a post soon - it's pretty exciting.

I'm looking forward to it.

Oh wow, how cool is that?? Well thank you, @riverflows. And have fun with your new toy!

Another one! Wooo! That will keep him busy for a long time!

Yes - it's how I know he doesn't have a mistress - a) he can't afford one and b)he hasn't got time for one bahahah

That will be an awesome roof rack👍

It will be - and we'll get it galvanised too. In the UK you can pick up second hand ones for 300 bucks - here you can't get them, or they're super pricey.

Nothing like transformorphorising something into something else. I reckon it's going to come out well!

That 130 on the way yet?

You gave it away lol - now the winner has to be @jayna, because no one else can guess if you gave the model away ahahahahaha....

You said in a previous post though...Maybe a guess the colour?

EDIT: Now I think about it maybe it was a comment and not a post you said it in. Oops. My bad. I'll take the rap.

Hahah haha!!! Oh, you didn't have to send the HIVE, you're a gem, if a big mouth hahaha!

Big mouth here, and some in the real world say I don't talk enough. It's situational I guess.

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The Landy is looking AWESOME!!!!! !tip

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A Defender 130 4-Door Pickup Truck I'm guessing, or a Range Rover V-12 with leather and all the luxury accessories....hmmmm.

Definitely the 130, but sadly @galenkp gave it away and @jaynie guessed defender just before that, so I have to do the rightie and give it to Jaynie haha... So exciting. Oh I'm definitely not a 'luxury accessories' kinda gal!

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Wow, you guys are on Pinterest? Brilliant idea!!! Love the work you are doing.

Oh yeaaaah, I hear Camel Trophy!

So, the 130 is on the waaay. Jealous as fuck, can't hide.

It's here!!!! So exciting!

Stop killing grandma!!!!!111 Ah don’t get me started on the craziness.

That looks like such a fun project he’s doing! I’ve never welded but it looks like fun lol. Ah we haven’t been to the lake house in a couple weeks, my itch for building something or doing work is getting unbearable lol. The munchkin and I did finish building the roof to the birdhouse the other day so that was fun! Just gotta cut a hole in it and let the wife and him paint it, not sure if we are going to hang it on a tree this year or wait until the spring. Any thoughts on if we should do it for the fall and winter so the birds have somewhere a little warmer?