Can Meditation Help Migraines?

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Migraine is a condition in which we become hypersensitive to normally imperceptible sensory signals coming from the skin and muscles caused by a drop in the overall dopamine levels. When this happens light, sound and smells can become abnormally intense causing us extreme discomfort and pain. 

Further, studies have shown a correlation between grey matter and migraine. A decrease in grey matter, in particular in areas of brain involved in memory, perception, emotion and executive functions, leads to an increase in the frequency and duration of migraine.

The good news is mediation potentially could be used as a therapeutic intervention to increase dopamine levels and grey matter. Studies conducted using yoga nidra meditation and zen meditation have shown to increase dopamine levels and grey matter respectively. More studies are needed to confirm the effect of other meditation techniques on migraine. 

The shared article is instructive and provides a useful bibliography at the end. 

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