Court orders ban of top-selling pesticide, says EPA violated law, ignored scientific studies - Chicago Tribune

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This pesticide is being used widely in many countries without any restriction by their governments. I hope people reading this article will take it up to their respective governments. 


A federal appeals court in the USA says the Trump administration endangered public health by keeping the top-selling pesticide chlorpyrifos on the market.

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Now they just need to remove the other 1000 harmful chemicals from the market and we might be safe.

I really think that pesticides is the cause of bees disappearing from our forest and other areas, when they sip the nectar of the flowers, the farmers sprayed them with pesticides.... So I think, we have to think of the dangers of pesticides when they get to the grounds where we have flow of water that we drink.

Yes, we underestimate the contribution of bees to our livelihood and have been careless. Hopefully we do all that is necessary to save the bees before it is too late.