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Not trying out local foods during your travels is an inexcusable missed opportunity. The cuisines of every country is unique. In fact, even within countries there can be great variations. 

Travelers tend to be less adventurous and try to be safe by eating in restaurants or hotels. Seldom do they try out street food. We cannot really blame them for taking the safer route as many countries do not have stringent regulations and enforcement to ensure cleanliness and food safety in eating places. 

In countries like Japan, Singapore, Australia and Qatar the regulations and enforcements are strict. Offenders cannot get away by bribing the officials. The same cannot be said of countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia and Venezuela. In countries like Malaysia reprocessed oil (i.e. used cooking oil from Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds and hotels that is recycled using mechanical and chemical means) is commonly used by even large restaurant chains. It is a multi billion dollar industry. 

How do we eat safely in these places? 

Experienced travelers like Jodi Ettenberg can offer invaluable advice. That is exactly what she does in this linked article. Click the link below to find out more. 

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