Oldschool Runescape // IRONMAN // Road 2 Max Ep. 49

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Hey Dlive!
It's your community's Oldschool Runescape content provider here, coming at you with some more Ironman content! We are almost to 1400 total level! that's crazy! It feels like just yesterday that we hit 1000 total level. Great accomplishments have been made, and I'm really happy with the series so far. This is going to be a chill stream so make sure to hang out, chat, and relax to some Oldschool Runescape conent!

Computer Specs:
Inspiron 5680 With:
460W PowerSupply
8Gb DDR4 Ram
Intel I7 8700k
256 GB SSD Hard Drive
1 TB HardDrive

Daily:Times Vary throughout the day, When available <3

DUnite Discord: discord.gg/b46WJ9a
SteemGC Discord: discord.gg/vPTuQpa

Enjoy! :)

My live stream is at DLive