Earn Dlux! Live PROOF OF BRAIN.

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I'm not sure if I'm supposed to blog about this [sorry @disregardfiat], The Dlux.io proof of brain is live, even though that is not reflected on the front end yet. In other words, anyone with a hive keychain can log into https://www.dlux.io/ and blog to earn #dlux tokens! The proof of brain is live!

There aren't many people blogging yet ... and I have a huge whale sized stake. I thought it would be nice if we could get a few more people blogging on #dlux. You can upload 360 pictures or create 3D assets! You can even create a simple text blog like on Peakd. It's a great front end with excellent presets to work off of. You do NOT need to code to post. I will link some guides at the end of this post if you are new to dlux and have no idea what I'm talking about. You can also just visit the website. https://www.dlux.io/ It's easy to get started.
I placed a sell order today. I haven't bought and sold much Dlux because I am a whale and the Proof of Brain wasn't live yet. Now that the POB is live, I am going to blog more often and sell my Dlux while powering up a small percent. I wouldn't want to give advice and say to buy dlux now, but the price is well under the ICO price! [1 Hive each]. The dex works well with the Hive keychain! https://www.dlux.io/dex


There is a traditional homepage for dlux, but I am fond of the VR one.


Like I previously mentioned, the proof of brain is live, but the Dlux rewards don't show up on the front end yet. It will show up in your wallet though! You can see that some people are posting 360 pictures and others are making 3d assets. You can earn by posting right now! Don't sleep on this Hive front end/side chain. You might regret it. There aren't a lot of unique posters right now, so it might be a good time to swoop in and dominate the reward pool I will certainly vote for anyone posting relevant Dlux content.

Dlux - - > Hive - - > $$$.


Just leaving a comment here so if somebody wants to ask me questions I'll get a ping if you reply to this...

Hi, I don't seem to be able to power up my Dlux from the wallet page. I figure it should be just follow the on screen instructions but it seems to just not happen when I click the buttons. Any advice?

You have keychain installed? I see other power up/dn transactions in the feed so I'm not sure where the disconnect is :)


I've noticed it is kind of slow and leaves the dialog open like nothing has happened. Maybe closing the dialog was giving a problem too? I usually close the page after hitting the power up button and open it back up later and the Dlux has been powered up.

Thank you very much. Yes, that seems to be exactly what wass happening. I checked back and my powerup worked.

I've been trying to learn how to use the "VR Builder" but have not had much success in getting it to load 360 images or models. At this point I'm wondering if it is easier to pin something in IPFS and use the "Advanced Uploader". How do you go about pinning an asset like a 360 photo in IPFS for use with DLUX? Could I do something like this to use the babylonjs technology on DLUX? I've been looking at that and the lighting and performance looks very impressive.

Getting a 3D model to display inside a 360 photo background on DLUX has been a goal of mine. Any tips?

We have a 360 uploader at dlux.io/new and I think you've used that before. The advanced builder and uploader are a little out of date and things in the space are moving faster than I can keep up. The best place to ask dev questions are around https://discord.gg.Beeb38j and we'll try and help you out

Okay, thank you, I might check out the discord link if I get a chance.

Dlux has a lot of potential for sure. I hope to use it more once I get a VR headset. For now Staking the token is a good option.

I think DLux will be a good format for posting unique web pages and VR content. The learning curve has been kind of hard for me so far but I've been enjoying posting 360 photos for sure. The proof of brain payout has been very nice recently.