Inside an old Building

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I've been fascinated by old abandoned buildings. Year to year they gradually decay from weathering and vegetation. This building was near the NSRA disc golf course and is part of the old State Mental Hospital.

There was some old equipment in one of the rooms. It looked like some type of steam boiler.

Here's a view taken with my smartphone of the outside of the building:


(The window shown in the picture above is where the old equipment was. The view taken in the 360 photo is from a window located higher up and to the left on the building wall.)

These structures are getting difficult and dangerous to enter so I took this picture through one of the windows.

View in VR @


Oh, you are an #Urbex kind of guy, aren't you? There is a group and some of the buildings they go in are fascinating. Some people are destructive, but, these explorers just look for interesting artifacts and take lots of pictures and make up stories about things they find.

It is a great group! I reposted one of theirs, you can find it on my profile.

Mental Hospitals are kind of interesting with the equipment they have. In some houses, it looks like the people got up in the middle of the night and just drove off.

Thanks for sharing!! Have a great night!

That's a very interesting group, I didn't know that urban exploring was a thing. Some of the old abandoned properties seem like they would be very interesting to explore. Thanks for sharing! Have a great night too!

I love to photograph decay. I would love to get into urban exploration of old buildings but the legalities like trespassing are not as easy as they are in England.

Seems the conduit was left. Wonder if they got the copper wire out. Copper being the scrappers gold :)

I think I'm a bit old to be jumping fences and breaking into old buildings. I satisfy my urges by poking cameras into odd places, lol.

I'm not sure if I remember seeing any wires. Next time I'm back there I will check it out more closely.