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RE: dNations - Looking for developers to help work on this project! Resteem for 50 DNB!

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So any idea why this was downvoted? I read your post on r/steemit but didn't help figuring out why. Any history between you guys?


He thinks im a racist. Another user called trevon james a nigger and i asked why the user did that.

Im assuming he saw my youtube videos about politics though. Im a right winger here in the states and theres 0 tolerance for that among liberals here.

Or maybe its the paypal ad i posted about that has 2 guys proposing to eachother. All i did was ask why companies try to pander to extreme minorities.

I really never said anything bad. So now im a racist and i look like a bitch and my girlfriend is ugly i guess. 😂

Yo ignore that dude, if it's stuff like that just mute and move on. The thing you want to get going sounds interesting, we welcome new games here and they see a lot of light quickly but usually requires something to exist for it to take off.

Things you could do to draw more attention to your project:

Get onto the MSP discord and talk to people, they often have a way for entrepreneurs or devs to pitch their project to an audience and receive future support there. Even though in the bear market it is harder to get going quickly or receive funding it is a good time to get a head start before this place will be filled with dapps.

Check out Utopian and their discord, if your project involves anything open-source I believe they support anyone starting anything and getting rewarded for logging their work in a post.

Lastly Fundition is similar to kickstarter where users can support projects through donations or votes combined with the main account itself.

Ok will do. Thanks for the kind words. Theu both had over 1k followers and one of them had a decent amount of Steem. So I just didnt want more of them coming and destroying my post payouts over nothing.

Just joined MSP. Im going to take some Steem and buy an account for the game to keep everything separate from my own.

I'll give Fundition a look too. If you happen to know any decent front-end devs, send them my way. Im absolutely horrible at front-end stuff. 😛

Thanks again!

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