When she loved me...

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We all have a special being, that being whom we love and who loves us and who we know is unconditional love

Who you are thinking about? Maybe your partner, your mother, father? But no, this post will be treated another species: the canines.

Her name was Zaire came to our lives 18 years ago, if such 18 years lasted with us, small, black, we wanted to put the name of a country so we say put it like this, Zaire. My mother-grandmother did not want to see her, because she did not want to be attached, but it was impossible, in all these years Zaire and she were inseparable.

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She was my faithful friend, my baby as I said, the eternal dog since at 17 she was still hard and strong, reluctant to leave this world and therefore, us. She was my model for my photography practices, and she let herself put as much "rag" on top to take the pictures.

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race? I have no idea what race she was, I said she was a type of chihuahua, but everyone who saw her until the veterinarians fell in love with her. I know that every owner of a canine says that: this one was special and unique, just as a mother sees his son, and in a certain way it is like that, all the dogs when they have a special relationship with their owners and family are unique and Zaire was not The exeption.

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I admit something, I'm a fan of animated movies, and Pixar even more! In the movie of Toy Story 2 there is a song that I heard in what I heard that would be the letter that would identify me when Zaire left me.
And that day arrived. In August of 2018 Zaire died, accompanied by her family, she left like the strong ones, as only she could do it.

Although the subject refers to the owner of Jessy left, the essence of the letter is what my Zaire and I live, and I have to admit (although it sounds corny) that I hear that topic and tears.


When somebody loved me
Everything was beautiful
Every hour spent together
Lives within my heart

Through the summer and the fall
We had each other that was all
Just she and I together
Like it was meant to be


And when she was lonely
I was there to comfort her
And I knew that she loved me

When somebody loved me
Everything was beautiful
Every hour spent together
Lives within my heart
When Zaire loved me


Oh so cute little dogie😊

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