Errors more common that are committed at the moment of taking care of a Dog

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The man has always wanted to have afaithful friend, in whom he could trustand with the one that could; playing isfor it that in general we observe thatthe dog turns into this longed friend. From there we set off, that this faithfulfriend who does not ask for anything inreturn one must give him love, gooddealing and care which we would do adear.

In some moments mistakes arecommitted in the care of these animals, who put in risk its life. Hence, in thisopportunity I want to comment to themon the most common errors committedby the owner at the moment of takingcare of the canine one.

  1. Non-vaccinating the dog, when it is apup.
    Not to vaccinate the canine one when itis a pup, it is a fatal error since thevaccines remove illnesses as distemper, canine hepatitis and parvovirosis, skylight is that the dog also must bevaccinated when it is adult, to avoid theanger since this vaccine will remove thisillness zoonotica both from the canineone and from the owner.

  2. To give to him more I feed of the onethat it should consume.
    There has been had the bad concept ofwhich a dog ¨gordito ¨ is healthy, that iscompletely erroneous because this willput the health in risk, since it wasaffecting its paws if it is a small race oralso it might remain unfertile. Thesuitable thing is that the dog consumesthe meal quantity according to itsweight and its race.

  3. Not to do a monthly medicalcheckup.
    It would be necessary to take the canineone at least once to the veterinarydoctor, so that it sees this one if itsweight is the suitable one and if itsvaccines know.

  4. Not to have a place adapted for him.
    Often cases of stress have been seen inthe canine ones, this is because theredoes not take the importance thatshould to a spacious place so that thecanine one could do the daily exerciseand more if it is a big race. It isimportant to highlight that not only it isa spacious place but also an area whererisks do not exist for the animal, like thepresence of snakes between others.

  5. To give him food that damage it.
    Since we have observed the canine onein spite of being a strong and healthyanimal, it does not have the samedigestive system as a human being, butthe owners often ignoring that we giveto him to eat any food or tidbit withouttaking into consideration that itssystem is not like ours, some of thefood that would damage them are:

• The chickens bones; they hurt him toits teeth due to the hardness of these.

• The onions; they are not advisable forthem since they are poisonous due toits enzyme call tiosulfatola that thedigestive system does not disintegrateit and is destroying the red globulescausing an anemia hemolítica,

• the chocolate; it is dangerous becausethere possesses a component calledteobromina which is processed slowlyby the digestive system and can go sofar as to cause poisoning and heartattacks.

6.- To administer medicine medicineswithout any formula.
To give medicines to our dog withoutconsulting our veterinarian is an errorsince the medicines that are inoffensivefor us for them would be mortal, anexample of these medicines would bethe paracetamol or the acetaminofénand the antidepressants. It isrecommended if canine you it presentssome illness symptom to consult yourveterinarian before administering somemedicine.

Authoress: @karencarolina, veterinary medicine Student

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