Happy birthday, Biscuit Seal!

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Hello my dear friends!
Today is a special day. Biscuit Seal is one year old! During this year she grew up and became a real lady.

That day we went for water. Our tap water is not very good and we buy bottled water. Nothing foretold replenishment in the family. And suddenly, right in front of the wheels of the car, we saw a tiny puppy! Naturally, we immediately stopped to help.

We thought the puppy might have run away from the house nearby. After knocking on the gate and getting no answer, we decided to leave a note.
I started dictating a text to my friend: "Your puppy is with us! Bring 5000 dollars ..."😁
But she wrote down our phone number!

We got a call soon after. It turned out that the puppy really ran away from that house. When we brought her back, the woman who was there said, "Don't pick her up next time. She keeps running away!"
For a moment I was speechless... How is that? A tiny puppy runs out into the street and you do nothing about it? You don't even want to patch up a hole in the fence?!
What, you don't need her? I finally asked.

I think you already guessed what the answer was, since the Biscuit Seal lives with me and celebrates his birthday in my house today.


All my dogs treated her very well and no one tried to offend her. Now that she's grown up, they still love her.


Small breed dogs are often moody. But Biscuit Seal is not like that. Maybe it's because she grew up and lives in a large canine family pack. But she can take care of herself if need be.

Her favorite place in the yard is the garden chair. Here she sleeps and basks in the sun, lazily watching what is happening around her.
And at night, of course, she climbs onto my bed.😁

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Happy birthday, Biscuit Seal, and many more!!!

Have your human buy you some extra treats, toys & presents!

Thank you, my dear friend!

You're welcome!🌹

Happy Birthday, Biscuit Seal! I've enjoyed watching you grow up.

That woman doesn't deserve a puppy or any animal if that's how she treats them.

So I immediately made the decision to take the Biscuit Seal. She would just die there!

She would have and that person doesn't deserve her 😔

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Happy Birthday! I am proud to name one of her two names :)

I'm so glad you found her :) Who lets a puppy wander in the street???

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Thank you! I didn't know about pob tag

My pleasure 🙌

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