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you probably landed on this post because you asked why I gave your post a downvote.

Reasons for the downvote:

(a) I don't like your post.
(b) Your post doesn't fit thematically in the community you posted it to, from my point of view. Since I write mainly on Leofinance, this link gives more info on that statement.

No reasons are:

(a) Because I don't like you. If I don't like you I block you and that's it.
(b) Because I think you get too many rewards. I don't care about that at all.
(c) Because you gave me a downvote. Do what you think is right.

This post also serves as a catch-all for complaints related to my downvotes. So please spam this and not my regular blog articles.

To ensure a prompt response to your request, please provide at least the following information:

Which username does it concern? - @username
Which post does it concern? - Link to the post
What date is the downvote from? - DD.MM.YY
Is this your first comment regarding this? - Yes / No

Feel free to add a more detailed description of your perspective.

Please don't assume that I will remove downvotes based on your comments. After all, if I give out a downvote, it's for a reason. As long as this reason is present, the downvote is present.

Thanks for the cooperation.

P.S. Now that I've cleared up all the question marks regarding the downvote you received, you should follow me. Good support should always be appreciated.


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After your request has been successfully processed and you have left me a follow, I would be very happy to receive your review of my support. For this you can simply vote the post, or leave a comment. The following scale:

  1. exceeded all expectations = 100% Vote
  2. unbelievable good = 99% Vote
  3. very good = 98% vote
  4. better than good = 97% Vote
  5. good = 96% Vote
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[@quekery] Hi, why are you downvoting us? We are a magazine on Hive for the german-speaking community. Probably your flag is because we used the leo-tag. The post was a teaser for the coming issue of the HiQ Magazine. One of our main stories will be leo and other dApps. So I see no problem in using the leo-tag.

Additionally we noticed that quality content seems to be important for you. Our main issues on @hiq are 100% selfmade from text to graphics. We are putting a lot of effort (days of work) in each issue.

We are not interested in having some kind of wars like "first shooting and talking afterwards".

So let's talk about it.

He is an idiot!

He downvoted me too.

Hello, thank you for posting your concern here.

Except for

Leofinance is 6 times better than PeakD: 44 44 44

there is no reference to Leofinance in this post. It has nothing to do with finance. Doesn't belong here for me.