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RE: Do we forget about those who buy STEEM in the market? we want to kill small and large investors with the flag war spreading like a wind on Steemit now.

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So Steem (per its FAQ) thinks downvotes can be utilized to help reallocate rewards to be more beneficial to the community??Really?! Who gets to decide what is beneficial for the Steem community? The whales, mob rule, the Illuminatti? Isn't that very Communistic of them comrades! Who gets to decide what is beneficial for the Steem community? Steem isn't powered by unicorn farts and fairy dust, it's powered by people willing to invest funds (i.e. real $$$) into the platform most likely because they believe it is a good concept (be realistic people, there are other more profitable blockchain opportunities out there for investors). Use downvotes(or flags, bitch slaps, ass kicks or whatever the fuck you want to term them) to curb abuse (spam, plagerism, people being assholes) and let the "community" grow and prosper instead of flaming each other. Otherwise it will stagnate. But at least the downvote police/commissars will get their jollies. in the end if you subsidize something, you get more of it and that is certainly true with the down vote - just my Sunday morning rant


hi @ultratrain

It was a clear speech you have here

Steemit FAQ says

What are the valid reasons for downvoting?
Users are allowed to downvote for any reason that they want. There are many users in the community who recommend only using the downvote on posts that are abusive. It is up to you if you want to follow this etiquette.


Does a downvote mean that I did something wrong?
Just because you received a downvote does not mean that you did something wrong. The downvoting person may have just been voting to reallocate the rewards in a way that they felt was more beneficial to the other active posts in the platform. Often users will leave a comment explaining why they downvoted, but sometimes they might not. If they left a reason, it is up to you to determine if you did anything wrong, and if there is anything you want to change.

But unfortunately there is also an abuse of downvote from those who have a different agenda

The community as a whole decides, by balancing up- and downvotes. It's called swarm intelligence, and it's the basic principle steem was created on. Did you read the whitepaper where that is described? If you don't believe in what's laid out there, what's the concept you invested in?