dPoll Post: Best Poll Of Sunday 30-06-112

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dPoll Post: Best Poll Of Sunday 30-06-112

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Winner Announcement.

The winner of the best poll of Saturday June 22th and the lucky random voter were @glenalbrethsen and @steemcameroon respectively. Read the full details here


17 polls were created at dpoll on Sunday, 1 Iess than the 18 polls created on Saturday.

Below are the selected polls for best poll of Sunday 30/06/2019 (in an order of when they were created);

  1. Is Steem in a stronger position now than when it achieved its all time high of $8 over a year ago? Asked by @erikahfit
    Link to Poll

  2. Spielst du noch Splinterlands? | Still playing Splinterlands? Asked by @dotwin1981
    Link to poll

  3. STEEM-Engine Feature Poll: Should BATTLE/PALNet/SPT Tokens be autostaked when claiming rewards? Asked by @d-zero
    Link to Poll

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@akomoajong 01/07/2019

  • Neutral/None of the above

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Thank you so much for the nomination. I'm curious to see who will make the race. Of course I'll vote Neutral. :)

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