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RE: **Are you in favor of New Steem?**(Use vs. Abuse)

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  • Yes BUT not how it currently is being implemented

1 - on the account access to which I lost a series of articles which in the game made our alliance the best. Only now that account has not left the 15 delegated incentives. :) Unique and really high-quality articles - well, the flags did not support them.
2 - 10% of the flags from you know who it is in general a circus.
3 - A person who is not capable of not knowing the language, on the basis of the presence of a bidbot, decides that the content is not worthy of a reward?
How would such a person react to the phrase "It is a pity that your father was so dumb that he could not use a condom"

Threat I suspect that after this comment attack morons will increase. Well, this will only lead to one thing; I will stop writing. What I get from the stimulus will be displayed in the cache.
There was already such a Robin Hood in his voice.
Investors are gone, there are less than 1000 users left. Chain has fallen into two parts ... Go ahead, let's kill Steem :)


Thanks for stopping by and voicing your opinion.