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RE: Poll for the Witnesses -- on HF21

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  • SPS & EIP (Linear curve, and Downvote pool, but not 50/50 )

I don't see that 50/50 will help as well, because content creators are not earning that much if we consider the money they get in real dollar. Steem price is so low to tell that they are earning enough.


I think @streetstyle and @donald.porter will be interested to bote here and spread this poll.

I hope more people from #no5050 will vote here !

Thanks for the heads up, but guys @clixmoney @streetstyle are we gonna #SPUD 🥔 July 1st?

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It's up to @streetstyle , my pc is broken and I need to buy one, so I can't power up anymore.

I understand, but us spreading the movement helps just as much or more than powering up

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I think this 50/50 thing has more danger on steem than just people powering up or down. I hope you will vote on this poll and spread this.

You are right as creator I will look for another options if curators are going to take the half of my already little earnings

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Yeah, that's not fair to share 50% of our earning to others. We create the content, we work hard to make it great, we learn, we spend more time creating it than just clicking on upvote.