Consensus is reached by working through the nuance ... i think it would be good for the community to see how much nuance the witnesses are working through to come up to that YES or NO response

I think a simple YES or NO is misleading right now.

If there were options, then, I suspect many more Consensus Witnesses would feel more inclined to withhold approval at this point.

As I mentioned elsewhere:
Perception in the greater market is important. It's not about REWARD Dollars.
It's how does the market value Steem? AND the value of steem is a perception based on a few factors.
How many users? Faith in longterm viability as a platform, among others...

So, what happens to the value of Steem, is, in the greater marketplace, people see users go from 1 million daily to 100,000? Or from 100,000 to 10,000? Or 1000? When small accounts leave, perception FOR WHATEVER REASON in the marketplace is, the platform is shrinking, therefore, the VALUE of Steem is going down.

Perception in the marketplace is more important than focusing on Reward dollars right now.

HF21 should be about implementing Downvotes, about implementing the SPS rewards, and yes, even the change to the curve, ... TOO MUCH Economic change all at once is VERY bad. It is destabilizing. AND again, Markets abhor chaos.

Is it too late to pull something off the Hard Fork?

My position is - let everyone vote on the Hard Fork WITHOUT the 50/50 rewards change. Pull that off - and let everything else be black and white.

cuz it's not black and white right now. It's - "I like these other things and want to see them implemented - but in order for me to say yes to them, I have to say yes to everything - which I don't necessarily agree with."

I appreciate @shadowspub's poll because it lets us see who is voting for what.