They locked us out.
Vote on the write in.

Or vote the best option you see.
Or don't vote.
It is up to you.

Of course they locked us out.
They always lock out people with common sense.

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Well, they can only silence us if we let them.

Then they rearrange the situation as if we were destructive whiny kids with no ideas how to make it better.

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Lol, 'the community' can do no wrong.
It's the control freaks that are having problems.

I know that.

But folks dont.

They believe human is bad. Look at religion.

Psychopaths are bad.

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Folks are on the verge of an awakening, and freak out.
Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.

IF we keep beating our drums folks will continue to hear, and the seeds will continue to be planted.
I see many more anarchists today than I did when I signed up in '85.


We are trying to wake up folks who do drugs and think theyre already wake af through music
Modern good electric dance music

Look at the link in my profile

or this ;)

You dont need to vote if you are voting for none.

If you want to vote for another option, the time for submission of proposals has passed.

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If you don't support any of the options, the thing to do would be to not vote.

But then I could have also not registered?

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Maybe they should do a second round with the top of this first round and an extra option to vote against both options?

We'll see what happens.

You could just write a comment with a single hashtag for H1 to make it huge and ask for 0.1% upvotes from people who choose none of the above then count the vests. For people to cheap to upvote 0.1%, you can allow comment votes

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