Do you believe it to be true?

I heard several stories about Lilith. There is a Celtic one too.
I believe Adam and Eve were not the first. As they were sent out of Paradise Cain best Abel to death Cain left and started a family of his own with?

I can also imagine Lilith was bored to death with Adam. As we learned from there Bible he was a weak man, not able to take care of himself, the complaining type, he needed company and... someone to blame.
Even it was good for that. He did not stand up for her did not say "It was my decision I bit in that apple". No, he said " She made me do it" and hoped he would not be punished. Adam was not able to be responsible for his own deeds.

As a punishment, they were kicked out of Paradise, a safe world into a world we're Adam had to work (yes, Adam not Even) and Ever had to give birth in pain.

I only see a world where women work, have a job or two and most men spent their lives smoking, drinking, on the couch, being served and in a bad mood if they have to work or... beating up their wives if she does not earn enough is tired.

Here she is: Lilith. As you can see she has wings. She has the power to be invisible. That is why I love her. I have two necklaces with her. This one and a cheaper variant. Not being noticed feels good, especially under certain circumstances.

I wish you a great Saturday and am interested in hearing what you heard about her.

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Heard the stories you've heard too, but still don't believe she ever existed.
As to who Cain started his family with, I have no idea.
You could be right about the weakness of Adam though.
Men work, men used to love working until women decided they wanted to be more than men. You've now gotten men who want to be less men and you don't like.

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Perhaps it is that way or it always was that way. Women always worked, look back in history they were the first farmers.

I guess it will always be a mystery if Lilith existed and if Adam and Eve did. Itis a story told just like fairy tales.

The only thing we know for sure is the human being needs something to blame for the misery, something to sacrifice ... to. This is what we know long before there was a bible.

One of the differences between humans and the other beings.

Happy day. 💕

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You too


Hey @wakeupkitty, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!