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RE: How Vote Incentivization Degrades Delegated Proof of Stake

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Speaking of transparency, is there any chance that users will be able to see the total reports contributed vs their share of the steemcleaners reward pool? Because the figures just don't seem to add up.


You might have missed an update we posted recently in our discord. Here it is for your convenience:

As some of you may know we have a new site in development and we have taken this time to revamp a few things. One of the major changes you'll notice is there will no longer be an "investigator" field. Removing that field required an overhaul in the rewards structure. 

The past couple weeks we have been paying out rewards using a new payout structure.

While we can't tell you the exact amount you will get for doing a plagiarism report for example, as this varies weekly due to amount of reports we receive and how much Steemcleaners receives in reward.

But I can tell you a little about how the reward is structured. We are using a point based system, each point will be valued by the total reporter reward fund for the week divided by total points of all accepted reports for the week. The point structure is as follows and are subject to change:

- Plagiarism: 10
- Identity Theft: 5
- Unverified Identity: 5
- Photo: 3
- Copy/paste: 2
- Spam: 2
- Comment Spam: 2
- Tag Spam: 2
- Tag Abuse: 1

In addition to the point structure, we also reward a bonus to people that have earned it. Over time we will promote new people to these ranks. Some of you are already there, as a Reporter and Detective in Discord.

Those who frequently "spam" with low quality reports, submit incomplete reports, or follow cheetah will receive a reduced or even disqualified for reward payout.