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RE: How Vote Incentivization Degrades Delegated Proof of Stake

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Be nice to know some stats on how many witnesses fit in what category. Do many of the top 20 reward for votes? It would definitely be a bit pointless as the reward would decrease as more vote, but I suppose that was your point. I didn't really understand the funny symbols you were writing. 😂

To be honest as a new witness I didn't get in this for personal reward. But I would like my server costs to be covered, that would make me happy. My opinion on being a witness is that it shouldn't be for personal gain. But I know that won't fly with most people. But also if the reward was reduced or even removed would many still become one? Hopefully there would be enough that care 😁


Interestingly, as far as I am aware none of the top 20 give any kickback to those that vote for them as a witness. So that's good news here! (Edit: I might be mistaken, jerrybanfield could be, but I don't have enough information on his actions to make a full conclusion.)

But if you go look at some other DPoS systems, you can see some degradation, with 'delegate pools', so we aren't immune to the possibility of it happening here.

To be honest as a new witness I didn't get in this for personal reward.

I'm glad you feel that way, and I feel the same way for sure -- and I believe that's how all block producers should be thinking. It should be primarily about the good behaviour of supporting the system. :)

Jerry doesn't do kickbacks but he did spend thousands buying votes from whales and suspect a lot more on and off the chain. He is in the top 20.

Ah, my mistake. Those transfers are certainly vote incentivizing for his posts, and so if there's more like that with regards to his witness, then he would be considered doing so.

There are more.

While more implicit and indirect his budget proposal campaigning is also a form of vote incentivising since it directly benefits from his block producting because it is powered by his bot revenue.

I know this is a an en she could case but it benefits from his held SP, which is also a result of his BP.