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RE: How Vote Incentivization Degrades Delegated Proof of Stake

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@anyx is a scholar and a gentleman who kindly took some of his valuable time to show me how to do complex things on Steemit like "powering up" your Steem into Steempower at Steemfest 1 in Amsterdam... 😊

Seriously - That's how much of a noob I was 🙂

@anyx is one of the kind and gentle geniuses working on maintaining the 'soul' of Steemit.

That's my impression.

Scott, thanks for all you are doing 'behind the scenes' to make Steemit what it is!

See you at Steemfest 3, wherever it is 😉
When we see each other, I hope you will teach me how to vote for you as a witness...


Hehe, thanks for the kind words! Appreciate the support :)
Don't put yourself down, we all started somewhere.

Steemfest 3 is going to be great, hope to see you there!

You can count on it! 😀