Vision board, dream tree, do you have plans for this year?

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Creating and planning a vision board since covid seemed like a waste. Locked down didn't allow for more than dreaming, so maybe we should call it a dream board instead. The dream board can be designed, reordered, and or completely redone depending on unforeseen changes.

A Christmas theme

Picture a tree outline, specifically a Christmas tree. Each level representing three months.

The decoration or ornament represents a goal, a task, a plan, or an action toward the monthly goal or overall goal depending on preference.

The original plan was to create quarterly goals. Each level or tree branch leads into the next three months' goals and completing the entire tree leads to the top. At the top is the star.

Usually, plans that start in January do not last long. If we are honest, most goals started in January end around/mid Feburary. There was a popular gym that would say a specific date most people gave up on their goals as a method of motivation to not give up. They would use this date as motivation for us to continue with our health goals. Not sure if it worked, but it was memorable.

In hopes of not being one of them.

The first three months are not accounted for in the dream tree.

Allowing time for habits to be built, broken, goals to be set and changed, etc... After that, the dream tree is revisited.

Jumping in....again?

My dream tree deadline is coming up...

Believe it or not the first three months of the year are coming to a close. As the anniversary of the shut down has come and gone. There are new possibilities making themselves known. As well as new questions to factor in. To vaccine or not to vaccine...

To take advantage of the travel deals or to wait it out. Not sure giving three months grace was long enough to fill out the dream team, but Iet us give it a try and see. How about for you? What are your goals for this year, this month, in general? Are your goals pemdemic adjusted or bullet - proof?

Small steps away from 2020. Giant leaps towards the BIRTHDAY CAKE!

Thanks for reading, upvoting, and commenting!


Goals are great, especially if you have a way to follow through, like an accountability partner. I’m getting ready to post about how I’m going to lose some weight that snuck in during Covid! I’m motivated because we are going on a summer trip, as we are pretty certain it will be safe by late July. Cant wait!

Very true. I've noticed that at-home workouts are not my favorite and walking for a few hours a day isn't enough either. Having some form of accountability is important and having a goal. Posting about your goals is a form of accountability too. Looking forward to your post and your trip. Have fun and be safe!