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Yesterday I woke up happy. Not just any happy, I was giggling on the inside joyous to be alive. It has been a very long time since I had felt like that. These feelings used to visit me every day. I had missed them.

The happiness I felt should not be confused with laughter, joking, or good old fashion messing around fun. This happiness was a joy that radiated out of my soul. It was something I couldn't contain even if I wanted to. It was pure. It was an old friend who knew everything about me come to call. I put on the tea kettle and settled in my chair for an extended get-together.

I was in my home. The place I longed to be at for four months while sweating my bum off in Florida.

By American standards, my home is a dump. It should have been torn down and rebuilt long ago. I am not complaining. My home keeps me warm and dry. It lets me be able to afford to buy food. Plus, it has been my home for the last twenty-six years. I never complain about my home. It is mine, after all. I am just stating facts.

I love my house and the memories it holds for me.

I would not call it my sanctuary, far from it.

Some woods were across the small creek in my backyard when I was tiny. If I ever had a bad day, I ran to those woods. I would find my stump and sit under the cooling leaves, arms wrapped around my legs. There I could breathe deep, fresh, clean air. I could hear the trickle of the creek in the distance.

Once settled in, the small aminals and birds would make their way back to my area and start their daily chores. They knew I was no harm to them. A sense of peace would come over me as I lifted my head high and stared into the distance. The silver cross was always waiting for me to talk with and give me hope.

I often poured out my hopes, dreams, and problems to God while sitting on my log. He answered and offered suggestions on what would be the best way forward. I did not always agree with what I was told and was very vocal about it. God and I had many great discussions in that tiny patch of woods.

There was no burning bush. I did not walk out glowing. My hair did not turn white at the age of five. It was not a scary place or encounter. It was my sanctuary when I needed it most.

On days I didn't have deep questions that needed answering, those same woods were just woods. A place to climb trees and laugh with your fellow neighbors. Even ones that carried guns and chased you out of corn fields screaming all the way.

When I was a teenager, a group of us found the perfect place to get away from our parents all day. Everyone brought cans of cream corn, baked beans, hot dogs, buns, ketchup, if you remembered, and many cases of pony packs of beer.

A 30-minute drive found you in the middle of nowhere except for a massive church on a very tall hill. At the bottom of the mountain were picnic grounds. You did not have to sign up to use it. The first people there got to take whichever site they wanted.

An elderly couple was in charge of the picnic area. Once a day, they would drive by and ask how you were getting on. As long as you were not overly loud or destructive, they left you alone to have fun.

Great teenage memories were made in the shade of the church on top of the mighty hill. For 25 cents, you would run a race from the bottom of the Stations of the Cross to the top of the church's highest steeple to see who could make it and who would be first.

The Monks that took our quarters always smiled at us as we all slowed down enough to offer them a polite 'Hello!" They were Monks and not dead, ya know.

We would all jump back into the cars at sunset and head home. A little drunk, full of burnt food, but very happy too.

Once I learned to drive and had a car, I drove out to the church on the hill a lot. I spent many an hour walking in the woods and talking to God. Holy Hill became my sanctuary when I needed to find peace in myself. When I needed answers to questions, only God could give them.

I have told my husband and son that when it is my time to leave this Earth, I would like my ashes spread there. To know that once again, I will be home in my sanctuary brings me peace.

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


Thumbnail Tree: Photo by mali maeder

Tops of trees: Photo by Felix Mittermeier

Holy Hill: By Pratim Biswas - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Church Towers: By Holy_Hill.jpg: Shoelace414derivative work: Rabanus Flavus - This file was derived from: Holy Hill.jpg:, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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I followed you there - tasted the burnt hot dogs - felt the strain in my legs from racing - and smiled all the way through. But when I got to spreading you ashes, I teared up.

Not for sadness really. Just for the thought of you choosing the place where you want to be at rest. They were happy tears. hehee But also... somber? Respectful. Thinking of our final resting place (even though it's not really!! Heaven is the real place and that's for eternity!!) But for our mortal bodies... it IS. and those places are so cherished.

I also have a place in the woods. It's very special. I won't talk about it now or I'll start bawling hahahaha but... I understand exactly what your place means to you.

I loved this Snook!!! Thank you for joining in!!! This is going to be a very special thing, and I'm so happy that @samsmith1971 is leading a team to take it on and keep giving it life!!!

Thank You, Dreem!!

So am I. This was so perfect, and the timing was great. No time to overthink of finding a way out :D

THANK YOU for getting back to me 12 hours later. LOLLLL It was meant to be.


Indeed a sanctuary.. Sometimes, going to hills and secluded places make me feel tranquility and for a while, I just want to stay there. Because seriously, living in a city is toxic lol

I am so very happy I do not live in a big city. I would not live well.

Beautiful place. I imagine myself walking barefoot, hugging those trees. I know and understand exactly what you mean. The first couple of stanzas made me read through and I know I would still read it all because your photos is so catchy to me.But when you mentioned about you woke up happy somewhat like not ordinary or shallow kind of..I had experienced this many times, I can't fully explain, even if I tried to, words only make my real experienced smaller. I just woke up with pure joy from the inside. I felt so light, more loving and understanding towards others.
Have a blessed day; Thanks for sharing Snook!

I felt so light, more loving and understanding towards others.

It's such a wonderful feeling!!

Thank you so much for stopping to read my post!!

I can totally see why you have this place as your sanctuary and why you wish to rest there finally.
Popped in from dreemport today and enjoy your weekend.

Thank you so much for stopping in to read my post!!

It is so stunning there any time of year.

You are welcome and yes I can imagine, that is the beauty of outdoors, places can be gorgeous at any time:)

That’s so beautiful @snook. Your description of your youthful shenanigans make me smile, and live in those moments with you.
Nature is so awesome and nurturing, and of course, it’s where we’re closest to God.
I loved reading this, particularly the part where you say you’re feeling better ❤️🤗💕🤗🤗❤️
I arrived here via DreemPort

I love nature. sitting outside and listening to the sound of leaves will put me to sleep in a blink of a eye.

Thank YOU so much for your kindness!!

Happy Saturday!

You too ❤️🤗💕

Like you, I have loved the woods from childhood. I especially loved the time of year when the floor was carpeted with bluebells. I could spend hours playing in the woods with friends. We had our favourite spots where our imaginations took flight.

I wish more kids today could have those same memories. I think the world would be a kinder place.



You take us through a state of unique and special happiness, of those feelings and sensations that beautiful friends, a good conversation and memories give us. Choosing a place for our final rest will always be for my sea, feeding the fish with my ashes and returning life with food. Well it's my happy idea. A big hug. @snook

Nos llevas por un estado de felicidad unica y especial, de esos sentimientos y sensaciones que nos dan las bonitas amistades, una buena conversacion y los recuerdos. Escoger un lugar para nuestro descanso final, siempre sera para mi mar, alimentando con mis cenizas los peces y devolviendo la vida con alimento. Bueno es mi idea feliz. Un abrazote.

Thank You so much for reading my post. Your comment means so much to me.
Thank you so much for the Hug!! :D

You found your solace there and that's wonderful....I cherish where I find peace with zero worries of what's happening in the world. A place where you are and it just you and the woods or the room it can be any place. Something about the aura of the vicinity or the nostalgia. Something that brings you peace which is very vital for the soul 🦋

Came in here through #dreemport.

It sounds like you had some happy times in the woods :) When did you last spend some time out in them?

It's been a few years. It's not as easy to get there these days.

Thank you so much for reading my posts!!

Maybe you should ask @Ecoinstant because everyone should get out in the woods at least once a week♥️

Your words took me on the trail towards the wood and gave me a view of your hut, so did it take me on a journey to the church with laughs and eyes glued to get to the top of the church after slowing down to greet the monks. Then it moved straight to the hills where fresh breath calls their abode and there I found my sanctuary.