Drugwars, positive and negative

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Remember Drugwars?


Some time ago I was publishing posts about Drugwars...

Since then it changed a lot...

The map has been activated, and several things were modified.

First of all, your player cannot send futures to another one using transport method, so for the moment you need to use obyte with their very bad exchange bot. ( negative) but the owner said it will soon change the whole system of token (might be positive).

Not sure where the token will be hosted though, steemengine? own blockchain? offchain ?

Then, the fact that the map has been activated produced a side effect : All dead accounts are now unreachable to farmers, especially since the "find targets" option vanished, you cannot attack someone without a base... (negative)

But on the other hand, as the inactive accounts do not produce anything, your daily should raise for a while as less drug is produced, but it will quickly be compensated by the 5 additional bases per active players, so I am not sure at all it's a positive point, those dead accounts were easy meat for the beginners, giving them a chance to catch up the early adopters... (positive but time limited)

Check out the drugwars account, you will see that nothing comes on that account anymore, or almost, and you will see tons of withdraws, knowing that future are still given on a daily basis, it's easy to do the math... The ingame exchange will be worse and worse.

You still need to pay big amount in dollars to buy the futures, but you get only a few cent if you exchange them back to the site with his weird calculations. this is what I think is the most unfair thing on the game. (negative)

So from now on, you cannot attack anyone easily before scanning the whole map and creating an ennemy list, you cannot transport future to your friends or buyers, the ingame exchange is getting worse each day, and you may add to that tons of bugs since last update :

  • ability to send more than you have tru transport
  • tons of erroneous error messages like "you do not have enough resource" while you of course have enough
  • can lose your army if you set it in a station and then cancel it to get your army back

I am not sure if I should say the progress is positive or negative...
What is your thoughts about it ?

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