Benbrick - More Than My Life (君にもっと)

in #dsound5 years ago

I've been wanting to test out how dsound integrates with Steemit. So here we go. A brand new piece of music that I wrote and produced.

There you go again,
Fleeting like the summer,
Always on the run,
From one place to another,

This time I'll try to give you more

We thought we knew it all,
Only to discover,
All that we let go,
Would never recover

This time I'll try to give you more
This time I'll try to give you more than my life

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► Listen from source (IPFS)

i like this music, nice post

@thisisbenbrick i don't know how to tell you how much i like this music

I like the song @thisisbenbrick, and the sound may be a bit thin on dsound? or maybe this is the intention? In any case, your music can transcend the sound-source.

Hi Ben. Nice vibes. Your location says London but your picture is in Venice. Where did you write and produce this? What was inspiring you?

Good attention to detail! The picture is from Venice beach, but I wrote and produced the song in London.

Hey Ben I reviewed your song on my blog post if you like to read it here is the link

Hello Ben, is been a while hope you all doing well. =) Hows everything @steemsongs Here is My First DLive Video - Please have a look and leave me a comment ~~

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@thisisbenbricks, buddy u did great job. keep it up i hope u will become a singer in future.