Equality, Arcturus & The Novice State of Mind: My Connection With Vosloo 🌞

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Over the past few months, I've gradually begun to carve out a little niche in the online world – exploring feminine Christian mysticism, the dematerialisation of plastic, and BS self-help marketing techniques, among other topics!

While my viewership figures are low at present, I have been deeply touched by supportive messages and comments from people who have resonated with my work. Now, I'm preparing to make a video series on the teachings I associate with Vosloo, one of my main spirit guides, who was a High Priest in the ancient civilisation of Atlantis. He isn't a very well-known figure, so I made the video below to explain what I've experienced with him, what he has meant to me, and how I've interpreted his teachings. This particular video is very close to my heart.

My previous video on Atlantis is available here. I also wrote a blog post on it over the summer, in which I explained my beliefs. That post is available here.

The last video I made on Vosloo (featuring Mary Magdalene too) is here.

I feel that the two meditations below offer a great way to connect with his energy!

The first one is an absolutely beautiful meditation by Glenn Lewis. It’s just over an hour and twenty minutes long, but if you have that time … it is SO worth it. I really appreciate the richness and depth of detail that Glenn put into this meditation: a beautiful story unfolds as you listen. There’s one part in the meditation where Glenn mentions how the priests and priestesses all start dancing and singing in the temple. As soon as I heard that part, I laughed for about ten minutes, because that was the number-one thing that made me say, ‘yep, this is definitely my lovely High Priest talking.’ ❤️ From my recollection of working with Vosloo in Atlantis, I know that he absolutely LOVED to arrange impromptu dance sessions. It was one of the many ways he made people laugh and kept their spirits high.

Watch that one here.

The second meditation is by Tim Whild. In this one, you journey to a temple called The Inner Sun and met Vosloo. Tim’s interpretation of that term – ‘the inner sun’ – differs from mine, in that he experienced it as an actual place, but I got SUPER excited to hear someone else using that term, in relation to Vosloo. 😍🌞 The fact that there is very little information available on Vosloo sometimes made me wonder whether I was making it all up whenever I picked up some phrase or concept from him, as I had no way to ‘verify’ it … but when multiple people pick up on the same term, it’s a strong sign that this could, indeed, be a genuine thing. 😉

Watch it here.

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