NITE LITE *the DJ B-day Bash*

in #dtube2 years ago (edited)

In the middle of the rainy season here in Guatemala. But still having fun. I’m not sure why there is less tourism in these months. To me it is a better time to visit! Every thing is in bloom this time of year.
Tonight at Hostel Del Lago the town of San Marcos comes out to Celebrate! Your invited to come check out this Saturday night out!

Music by DJ Perry. Aka @therealpineappleguy

P.s. happy 40th Duncan
#hosteldellago #Dellagoevents #lakeatitlan #DJ #dancing #hostellife

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Those are some serious lights - looked like a fun night!!

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Yep. Completely changed the environment. Felt like a club... San Marcos style.

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Cool blooming ambient music/video...

Yeah... was a really sweet night! Something different for us. Change is good😉

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Great video, looked like one hell of a good club night. Those lights were awesome.

Cracked me up at the end where you're talking about the dog latrine pillar 😄🤣
Fckn mutts 🐕🌭🤣

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Yeah... that dog part at the end is a sneak peek at a future vlog about the experience having a open business in a town with too many stray dogs. And then what we did to keep our sanity.
Ha ha. Fckn muts is right!
Glad you liked..

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Crazy, drunk and happy !!!

A la verga! Era uña noche loco... seguro!

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