Finally a Grading Touch Up! - Renegade's Home Build vlog #65

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After the rainy and wet fall last year, I had hoped to do a grading touch up in late spring or early summer. However, the opportunity never came because the rains continued through both the spring and summer. I was beginning to lose hope, and was worried we would have to go through another winter with a lumpy and rutty job site, but there was just enough reprieve from the rain to get the grading done in late September!

Check out the video to see how the yard cleaned up. It looks much better but will still require another touch up and black dirt. Hopefully, it will dry out sooner next year and we can get the black dirt and seed down soon enough to establish a lawn before fall.

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Good job. Almost there.

Well, sort of. Looks like I am still going to have to finish the siding in the cold but it's not the end of the world. I work out in the cold already....

I didn't realize you were in Edmonton until now. Cool!

Getting the grading finished on our worksite sure made all the difference! It was seeded in early September, the optimal time for this area, and the grass has come up beautifully. It cut the dust dramatically! I am so glad our soil is all covered again.

That's great that the seed took so well. How much of a growing season is left in your area?

Not sure what your site was like before the grading but ours was quite uneven and rutty which tended to hold water and prevent quick drying. I am hoping the grading makes a big difference next spring so we can get our lawn established quickly.

It looked like a war zone. Even the contractors' didn't like how it looked. But we do have sandy loam that drains well. My growing season was officially over the 3rd week of September when the hard frosts hit. But the grass kept growing...

Here in New England the best time for seeding pasture and lawns is the first week of September. They did it the 2nd week but we squeaked through...