We Have Power! - Renegade's Home Build vlog #61

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My solar installer was out over the weekend and finally set up the system for us. The system looked like it was all ready to go but after he left, and we tried to turn the power on, the inverter wouldn't work! Since he won't be back out any time soon to work on our system, this left the trouble shooting up to me. As usual, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself...

Tune in to see how things went!

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Sweet set up. You must be excited.
I have a 16 battery set up myself... but when I look at your shiny new system I feel I’m in the Stone Age... lol... but really I’m just in the sun age!

Thanks! Yeah the system still has that new car smell. After a few years it will wear off though.

Cool about your system, are you completely off grid electricity wise?

Nah. I’m in Guatemala. Constant power cuts here. I have lots of frozen meets and fridge goods... so 48 hours no power doesn’t work for me. So I got 16 panels and 16 batteries. That keeps the fridges and freezes in the cafe going 24 hours... so we always got lights and music and not rotting meat😂

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Sounds like back up power is a necessity in your situation.

Boom a big step. It's really moving forward now great to see 💯🐒