Delay in mainnet launch, testnet reset, new economy

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First of all we would like to start with a heartful thank to this article, we managed to fill our 1M DTC token sale a couple of weeks ago.

As we get closer and closer to the Dtube Mainnet Launch , we have been trying to ease user experience for new users. As Dtube continues to grow, this will continue to be an essential part of our success. After looking at our short-term and long-term expansion plans, we decided to delay the mainnet launch. We originally announced it as first of July. The reason behind it same as before we want to test more and improve UI further, however we are terrible with timelines and we are sorry for that, therefore we won't give any date this time and make an announcement a week before launch, but we can at least assure our community that its not going to be a long wait. Imminent launch of Dtube Mainnet may be taking up a lot of the limelight, as you’ll soon discover the Dtube team doesn't want to skip a beat when it comes to the release of the mainnet.

This article has a bit of everything, testnet reset, economical changes, blockchain core changes
These foundational changes will not only make Dtube/Avalon better but it will also make everything easier in the future and prevent potential problems, soon we will reset the testnet for a final and short extra testing period.

Testnet reset

The testnet will be patched as soon as possible and we will give additional and more detailed information about changes , but here is what you should expect.


The previous economy experiment was a limited success. Some concepts like infinite monetization and the full-liquid system are working good.

The main issue is the fact that most users do not understand how coins get printed, the DTC result of the votes seems random. A few voting-rings that understand the mechanism have been self-upvoting with multiple accounts and syphoning the testnet reward pool

New economy enables people to take away rewards from others with downvote. A vote reward is only claimable after 7 days, and will stop generating rewards after that.

We are also slowing down the inflation to match something similar to what we want main-net to be, close to 1 DTC / active user / day.

Reset of all votes

In order to update the economy and avoid confusion, we have to reset all votes on contents. This means all videos are now again at 0 votes and 0 DTC distributed.


The peer-to-peer layer that helps avalon nodes talk to each other has been improved, which should avoid the issue with nodes forking and starting to mine on their own, requiring a replay of the data.

It's also now safe to hide your block producing node behind a peer node, if you want to produce blocks without compromising your IP address.

Claim Rewards

You will be able to claim rewards on your votes, which will add the money directly to your DTC balance. Go to My Channel -> Rewards to claim your rewards.

Leader rewards

Elected leaders who produce blocks will now earn rewards.

Delay Again ?!

We are deeply sorry for the incovenience, However everything we are doing is for giving our users a better final product and good things require time.

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I have not yet used dtube but I will soon! This is great!

Aaaarrgh. This is very becoming. It's going to be hard to take anything you say seriously for now. We've really been hyping this event and now we have to tell ppl it's not happening, AGAIN!
Not Cool at all!

I Understand it's important to do everything you said in your post, but you shouldn't have given us a date if you weren't certain this was going to happen.

This reaction is completely justified and we can understand the frustration , we are deeply sorry for our incompetence with giving hard dates. We will not do same mistake again.

You also changed the most attractive feature regarding the economy of the platform.... infinite earning! That was the competitive advantage DTube had compared to other decentralized video platforms..

Is the accumulative VP still part of the plan?

infinite earning will still be there , just claim button will be added for people who would like to claim their rewards at some point.

Sorry, but I don't know why this sounds contradictory to what is stated on the post.

New economy enables people to take away rewards from others with downvote. A vote reward is only claimable after 7 days, and will stop generating rewards after that.

To me it sounds like after 7 days one cannot earn from their video, is that what the last statement means?

It means that rewards are not claimable before 7 days. After 7 days you can claim whenever you want and it will continue to earn rewards if you don't click claim. This 7 day added to prevent future reward pool abuses.

And after claiming, it won't get rewards anymore? Sorry, I'm having trouble understanding when the rewards will stop exactly.

Is this implemented to recognise an abuse pool during that period and being able to downvote to remove the rewards?

Is the airdrop also delayed?

Yes , airdrop will be done with the launch of the mainnet

@dtube, Looks like you are having a rough journey team. Hopefully in near future everything will workout effectively and productively.

Good wishes from my side and stay blessed always.