HF20 Activated. DTube lowers beneficiary rewards to 10%!

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Hello everyone,

Hard Fork 20 has just hit the entire steem network, and a large majority of the user base could not post nor upvote while the new bandwidth system stabilized. This now seems to be past us! To celebrate the first big upgrade of this blockchain in a long time, DTube has decided to change the beneficiary rewards (aka platform fees) from 25% to 10%.

Our last economic changes for DTube have not been well received. While this system of redistribution to curators was interesting, it really wasn't understood by the majority, and we continued to hear comments of DTube taking 25% of the rewards, which wasn't the case. Consequently, all the @dtube.rewards will keep on getting paid for the week, but will stop after.

While I know many people enjoyed these extra curation rewards, they needed a bit of stake to really start producing. The experiment gave us some data, but ultimately not the results we expected. 50% curation is certainly more fair, but isn't enough for a human to get interested in full-time curation in the current metagame of steem.

Finally, but probably the most important reason for this drop, is that Ned has announced publicly, and has personally told me he is confident on the release date of March 2019 for the SMTs. This date represents a certain date where DTube would finally be able to create its own token and start giving value to the token, and monetize from it.

SteemFest is also coming very close. At least two members of our team are attending and I'm still hoping to convince @Nannal to come. In addition, 4 curators and countless video creators will be there. Hope to see you!

Meet me at SteemFest 2018 in Kraków


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This is good news for all dtubers, although 25% seemed fair, for all the support that the platform offers to all its video creators. I love uploading my videos on dtube, thanks to this I have met wonderful and incredible people, with a lot of talent. God bless all this family, and we look forward to the DTUBE SMTs

The SteemFest is a dream, I would like to be able to attend, but many economic problems affect the possible departure from my country Venezuela, however I feel it would be incredible to personally know all these fantastic creators of steemit!


Can you please make me understand what this reward is?

I understand the reason for this change and that it's likely to be very welcome among video creators. However, speaking as a curator, the extra rewards did indeed cause me to upvote Dtube posts more often and the lack of those rewards going forward will make me less inclined to upvote any given post than I would have otherwise been. I hope things grow enough for some further incentive for curators to be implemented again in the future, because that would likely be a good thing for everybody.

Great news for DTubers! Hopefully more people will be using this dapp, as for the early concerns of dapp taking 25%!

Now we hope to reach more users on it!

Artakush dances the Happy Dance in the bush...


25% on top of the 18-25% natural curation was quite a hit for someone who doesn't vote his own work, and so I'm glad to hear that when I do post on @dtube again, an extra 15% will be coming my way. Cheers, and see you at Steemfest.

Yeah, 40% already gone before u even hit the post button.

Yeah, a pretty hefty charge overall. 30% is still quite a chunk, but more bearable for sure.

Very nice update. I like that! =)
Of course, dtube.rewards was a nice idea. But this is easier to tell people...^^

That's awesome news!

@acidyo, I’ve seen you around the community and wanted to say hello. Thank you for taking the time to help support fellow creators. Steem on 🙌🏻


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Good news!

Glad to see this and other improvements in dTube. I had previously had issues uploading but my recent uploads worked ok.

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This is fantastic news. I am glad to see that DTube is addressing the issue that many people had issue with. I did not have an issue with 25% because I come from another platform that takes half or all if you are a small creator.

Thanks guys!
Long live @dtube!

The 25% beneficiary rewards was an interesting experiment. I though it was quite a good idea. Extra curation rewards should have translated into more upvotes for content creators on DTube. It's a shame it didn't work out that way.

I think DTube could have promoted the idea a little better. For example you could have included the additional curation reward benefits at the bottom of DTube posts/video to improve visibility. Anyway, respect to you guys for trying.

It will be very interesting to see what happens when you guys get your token.

Hope you saved the quote on March...

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Photo on 9-25-18 at 4.06 PM.jpg

Great news, now it’s a lot easier to explain the fees to the average user. Looking forward to the Dtube SMTs!

Check your steemd. Com/@dtube page now after casting an upvote... This platform is still messed up


Only once, after the HF. Should not happen again. =)

I hope so my friend. Just takes 5.days to build it back up

Ohhh that's interesting. Let's see now how the people will react to that news. ❤️ Nice update to come with the hf20

Love it! Excited for whats to come!

Wonderful updates DTube!!
Looking forward to meet DTube crew at SteemFest!

wow.. Fantastic! but why is vp draining this way.

This is amazing news. It’s been fun to see this platform grow and evolve over the past year

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a very extraordinary development for the video content reator @dube thank you @dubeube dtuber from Indonesia greetings to your team

"50% curation is certainly more fair, but isn't enough for a human to get interested in full-time curation in the current metagame of steem."

I noticed the Dtube rewards and they were better for sure, but still not enough without a substantial amount of Steem Power to really be spending time out there as an curator looking for unvoted quality content. Probably having north of 20k SP would begin to make it more viable to westerners. But you'd still be making less than selling your share to bidbots, which is a shame.

Anyway, I'm glad for Dtube trying new approaches. Speaks a lot.
SMT can't come soon enough for Dtube!

Uploading video always giving me error. It gives error after finishing uploading when i savesit

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why i am not able to upload vedio plz help someone

same error message here. i have tried many times. will wait for now to try again.

LOL, me too... I guess the upload problem is not yet past us. Tried logging out and in again countless times (once usually works).

So happy to see this update. SMTs are going to be a huge advancement for awesome apps like yours built on the blockchain. Thank you DTube for all that you do for the community. 🎉🥂

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I'm not sure this is the right place but it seems impossible to get a stream key for DTube right now?

i can not up video on dtube?i want to help?

Hello everyone, I've tried uploading a video several times but it never works.Have already tried another browser firefox but without result.
Can someone help me solve the problem

But there is a problem. I can't watch any videos on DTube! Even those uploaded a few hours ago.

Do you guys upvote vids of none English speakers or at least gaming vids without commentary? Thanks for answering.

glad we are back with good news.

Nice one @dtube! :)

Wow great news

pne idea: you should keep the 25% from the authors rewards generated by @dtube votes, so you can invest in Dtube development and put the rewards generated from other votes to zero. But the 25% extra to voters was a genius idea....sad people didn't understand.

@dtube, thank you for the information. Btw, what will be the name of your token?

See you at the Steem Fest.

Dtube Token❤🎈🎈🎉 =D

Great news and yeeah, I'm finally able to post and upvote content 😄😄😄

Exciting outlook - and this time i really mean exciting by typing the word "exciting"

Glad I could help some with delegation either way

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Great news! After dlive gave us the D, I simply stopped making videos...but this may just persuade me to start back up!

I wasn't aware DTube intends to have its own SMT. That's awesome!

Cool . Can’t wait for SMTs . Going to be a game changer .

I wouldn't bet on that yet.

Wow..had no idea about this.

Dtube! - you guys provide an awesome service here, and I'm looking forward to providing more quality content for your platform!

Well well well. This does perk up my ears, dunnit?

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