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You do not know does not mean it did not exist!

Whilst touristic propaganda mostly
highlights the lush greens of Cameron Highlands,
Just don't get surprised that
there are actually more to offer
other than foothills of tea shrubs and juicy red strawberries farms
as well as the famous sweet-tasted corns.

Goat and sheep farm is one of the underrated attractions
that many tourists may not aware.
Or perhaps I should put this way,
the goat farms are mainly meant for local dairy farming
instead of becoming a touristic attraction.

If you do not already know,
Cameron Highlands is my primitive hometown
where I spent most of my childhood time in this 'cool-cold' place.
Unfortunately and in regret I never visited any goat farm in Cameron Highlands
until my sister's friends paid a visit during Chinese New Year this February.
And my mission of course is to become their insider tour guide.

First impression when we arrived at the goat farm -
No visitor at all except one worker who was cleaning the barn;
Lots of baby goats behind the fences and they were bleating.
We got super hyped as the whole barn was ours,
C'mon it was traffic everywhere but not this understated quaint place,
weren't we lucky?

People say that goats are smarter than dogs
as they observe and mimic human action.
But all I got to say is that,
they are super picky at food!
They would turn around if they found out that
the food is not fresh or it has been soiled.
I got rejected a few times as some parts of the hays had become withered.

They are cute, friendly, curious anything about you and
they nibble on everything that you have including my camera lens!
Feeding these little babies
by looking the way they're chewing is oddly satisfied!
So would you pay a visit?
🎵Calum Scott - Dancing On My Own [DECKOs Instrumental Remix]🔊
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