Parenting Tips #2 - Stage 1 Healthy & Tasty Baby Food | 7 Best First Purées for 6 Months + | 宝宝第一阶段美味健康辅食 |7种适合6个月以上宝宝的辅食泥

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Quinton is going into 6 Months old & he is ready for solids. Yeah! 😍

It’s always exciting for the big day. But, how do you know your baby is ready for solids?

There are a few signs that will help you acknowledge that your baby is ready for solids.

First, he can sit up with minimal support.

Second, he demonstrates good head control.

Third, he show strong interest in food and trying to reach for them.

Lastly, he might refuse bottle or breast milk.

If your baby shows most of the signs that I mentioned, it means he is ready and you can consider to let him start with purée or BLW. (Baby-Led Weaning).

For Quinton, I decided to let him start with puree. So the video below is going to share with you 👶🏻

7 Best First Food Purées that you can offer to your baby

  1. Sweet Potato Puree
  2. Carrot Puree
  3. Avocado Puree
  4. Butternut Squash
  5. Apple Puree
  6. Banana Puree
  7. Full Cream Yogurt

Please remember when your baby just get started, begin to offer them a few spoonfuls each day, then slowly increase the portions depending on your baby.

Introduce one new food at a time for several days. This is to monitor any allergic reactions such as diarrhea, rash or vomiting before moving on to a new food.

After your baby have tried all the single purée and there’s no allergic reactions. Then, you can start to mix and match with the ingredients for more different tastes.

宝宝快满6个月了,你准备给他添加辅食了吗? 相信每一位新手妈妈在这个时候都很期待又紧张 ☺️


从宝宝吃第一勺辅食开始,逐渐变成像成人一样吃饭,需要经过很长的过程哦~ 😋

以下的视频里会分享7种适合第一阶段开始辅食的宝宝和宝宝第一次尝到除了neinei以外的味道是什么表情🤣 我觉得超可爱滴 🥰 也欢迎你与我分享你宝宝的辅食趣事😊

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