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There are 1500 km, more or less, between me and the Alps. 2 days, if I'm feeling lazy and I'm going to stop driving for one night in Timișoara.

These 1500km could've been equal with two stops to eat on the road, one-stop in Parndorf outlet right on the border between Austria and Hungary or 10-12 stops for pissing and smoking. But this year, as I'm smoking less and less, there was only the pissing. We've decided to replace bad and expensive food on the side of the road, with bad and cheap food on the side of the road. After all, there's no difference if you are eating inside the restaurant or inside the car, as long as the food is as bad. But if it's going to cost you a fraction of the price you were going to pay in the restaurant, then "sandwich it is!".

12-13 hours of driving and another 2-3 accumulated in all of these stops. Every single lost moment it's worth it once you get to the snow heaven that the Alps are. You can to Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France... there's no difference in terms of snow available, cable transport and hundreds of kilometres of slopes so well arranged that in the most cases you won't have to repeat the same one twice.

I'm a traditional guy. For me, Austria is the land of nice people, well educated, who will make your stay perfect. I don't have an issue with the other countries that share the Alps but Austria for me it's the closest one to my heart. Over here I have broken my hand in 3 places, over here I learned how to board and over here I learned to appreciate the tasty goulash that they serve almost everywhere (Mmmmm... goulash!).

But this time, accommodation was the greatest deal. We've had a 60m2 apartment for half the price we would pay for a normal 4 stars hotel room. Everything we needed inside, from 2 big screen TV's, fully equipped kitchen, big balcony overlooking the Zell am See valley going to Mayrhofen, big bedroom and a big sofa for couching when watching Netflix. Yes, the internet was good enough to stream, go figure.

Moreover, they had covered parking so the fact that it snowed for 2 days and 2 nights straight had no impact over us: the car was always clean, always warm and we needn't do any effort to clean it.

This family has a great place to check-in and for 550 euro/apartment/6 nights, we had spa, we had a game room (with Play Stations and everything), we had a big apartment and a nice garage. Heated ski room was also a normal thing.

I'm telling you: BEST! DEAL! EVER! While on a 4-star hotel, with much worse conditions (smaller room generally) we would pay 1.200 euro at least, we cut the price more than half and received 3 times more. This place is a must come back place and because I don't want competition I will not mention its name, hahaha.

Anyway, one thing leads to another so I hope that I will lead you to have an Austrian skiing experience.

Have fun!

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Looks like you had a great vacation, Bodgan!

I'm not a ski person, what on earth is this? :)

Heated ski room was also a normal thing.

it's a special room, with rack for skis and snowboards, and special, heated hangers for the boots, so when you put them in your feet in the morning they are warm :)

It's the little things that make the difference... Warm boots, makes sense!

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