I’M BACK! | VLOG 62 

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Certainly a must watch for anyone* who in the past two months has ever wondered - hm, where did that art.life girl disappear?

*not like I assume there are many of you, but still

I’m alive and kicking, and ready to vlog!
Some huge changes (mostly good) have shaken things up in my life. Well, life is interesting as always.

Thanks for watching!
Wishing you all the best!

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Yeahh ! I/we all missed you soooo much ! <3

Nice to have you back and thank you for explaining why you needed this offtime ! We all have these times and we need to take the break and think about all the stuff going on, reorder things, turn resistance in motivation and start over from new again.

And that you moved to a quiter, nicer place is an awsome thing! I heard it from reinis allready. I clearly can see the love for this place in your eyes even it is much work. like relations are work too :)

Im totally excited for you video about the deep insights of that marketing stuff. Would like to know more.

And I would love to see more of Laima this cutiiiiie

Yep, I feel like I've learned a lot and ready to go on! And it certainly is a special place!

Oh, that video feels like it's going to be a long one, but I'll see how I can get to the marketing part. :D I've been reading a brilliant book that matches my outlook on this worldly and spiritual existence of ours, called Dispelling Wetiko, it cuts through to what really is THE illness of society. So I'll have to give a background on that + my observation, which means = a lot of info to synthesize in one video. But I'm so excited to share all kinds of insights I've had about the industry.

Laima be like: wat? people want to know about me?
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Who are You??? Lolol


Loving the new hair colour. Looking great. I hope that everything is better now with Your family situation.

Thank you for the update. Now that you are here don't go anywhere. 🙏🏻😍

Haha, Sergio ❤️
Actually the secret is that I never dye my hair. My hair oscillates in different shades throughout the season. 🍁 I'm a cute witch. Don't tell.

Always intended to keep on doing this! :)

I'm late to the party as usual.

No business like the ad business.

Glad you are finding your "own" way.

Lots of former steemians seem to be M.I.A.

I generally assume that no news is good news, usually this is true in my experience.

Laima must be a lovely kitten!

Happy to see you!
Yea, this industry is one of a kind. :D
Of course, the low revenue possibilities is surely demotivating to some. But idk, I still feel like I want to keep on steemin'.

Laima is the best! :))

Hey girl! So happy to hear about all the nice changes! And come on, you have each other to keep yourself warm, right?
I am also super happy to hear your thoughts on social media advertising and that you got out of that! Looking forward to that vlog!
Quite sad we didnt get to meet this summer, I feel super guilty but I have been also quite overwhelmed with all that was happening back in Riga. So many things, so little time! :(

And the kitty, kitty is the best! So fluffy! :)

Thanks, dear! ❤️
I'll make sure to linger on the juicy details :D

Don't worry about that, we can meet when you're back here or.. perhaps in Italy??

Cool realy like this type of vlogs.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Woooww.. very beutifulll girl..
Please subcribe me!!

Haha, thanks! I'll.. think about that.


I understood many hungry vloggers didn't/don't see the value in doing it now that steem is cheap/low, but hang in there, things will change!!!! Advertising will consume your soul if you let it, make sure to keep your own creative projects going, and don't take down or neglect your "personal portfolio" even if you get a fixed position at a firm, because the position can get unfixed, or you might want to upgrade to another agency!!! Good luck and it was nice to "see" you again!!!


That was demotivating too, but not the main reason for my time off. And yea, I totally know that there will be greener days for the SBD and STEEM :)

True about that! I have a great list of my own creative projects, enough to keep me busy until the end of the year, so I'm happy about that!
Thank you, Fenix! ☘️

Great @art.life, as long as you don't hit that famous wall, you should be fine.


I should never want to have FAME. Why would I?
Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 14.06.42.png

Darling, I think you misunderstood me, or maybe i was a bit unclear...
"The famous wall" was in reference to:



Oh, I misunderstood that, but I was also just highlighting the origin of fame. Thanks for clearing it up. And I know, I'm too much of a linguist sometimes. :D

You can't have your fame and eat it too... Or something...

Peace and may the art be with you!


Welcome back

Thanks! :)

really nice video dear !

Thanks! :)

Good to have you back and glad that you're doing ok. Congratulations on joining the 0.01% of the highly educated club :)

Oh, I'm very glad to have joined! It's justifying my casual use of hence and whence :D

Missed u, welcome back :)

Thank you! :))