If you want to define the strongest team in the East
you might have to think for a while before yo locate
the team to go for.
As a fan of sport, it may be hard for me to say the Heat.
Celtics are playing hard every night to stay relevant.

76ers should be a clear favorite. Since Lebron left, the struggle continues.
Last year Kahwi came and went to the North. He delivers something we did not expect.
A Championship and left very quick.
Toronto continues what he left, as a sense of pride, they are winning games minus Kahwi.
At least their record is almost best as Clippers.
Toronto plays like they can win the East and prove to be a problem going forward.

76ers with Embiid will win games. Their standing is a clear revelation of where
they can be.
Last night match Embiid did not score a basket.
I do not get this euphoric sentiment.
He is a big man on the court unable to score.
Maybe he lost track of time and forgot to do so.
They lost by two basket and a free throw.


Bucks show a different endeavor toward the game.
Giannis will not back down.
I know he is fresh, hopefully he can learn from the LBJ
and share the ball more.
14 rebounds and 50 points, just 6 assists.
That is a lot to ask one player.
Any ideas about load management in Milwaukee?

Heat should make some noise down the line.
NBA season is long and 2020, everything will go fast after all start break.
We will know the true direction of the Eastern conference.
Celtics will be around to cause havoc cause they play hard.
The rest is history.
Stay tuned!


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