For Dreamers Who Wish to Fly Away... 🎈

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It’s been 8 years since daredevil magician David Blaine performed his last outdoor endurance test and, this week, he returns with “Ascension”—dedicated to his young daughter and 10 years in the making. ‬

‪Blaine will float nearly 3½ miles, into the sky carried by 52 helium-filled weather balloons, before releasing the balloons and parachuting back to earth.
And, because of his danger-defying nature, Blaine will not be wearing a parachute, but will put that on in the air 😮

The event should stream live in 45 hours, here:

on September 1st at 9am (depending on the weather) where Blaine will be ascending above an Arizona desert.

Something to look forward and up to!