Luckily Our Bodies Are Made To STARVE!

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Initially, our metabolism is designed to go through the scarcity of winter essentially and also naturally occurring harsh weather conditions such as drought. So basically autophagy is a function that benefits our homeostasis. Nature is very wise because she knows that there will be times to feast and to fast and wants us to survive.

Supermarkets don't exist in the wilderness after all! Although this statement may sound silly, it has a profound meaning because no matter how technology could improve our food production, we still are bound to the law of Nature that will not tolerate any overindulgence in any shape or form. So let alone all these awesome projects supposed to make food plentiful when we already waste close to 50% of the food produced every year.

However, when eliminating all heavy starch and refined carbs the appetite will settle to one meal per day easily after a few weeks. Fighting carb addiction is worse than cocaine as sugar is 40 times more addictive, though we all know that addiction, in general, never ends well. The Universe only welcomes addiction to creativity dedicated to the greater good.

Restricted eating is not considered sexy because food is associated with survival and socializing and therefore indulgence gets easily imprinted into our brains. TV commercials are very good at parroting that eating 3 times daily is a requisite to stay healthy and selling us their latest snacks. Here are some very staggering numbers: 150 pounds of sugar is the average consumption in America alone. Then 320lb of flour per year and per person.

In a nutshell, we have a serious issue on our hands and must challenge our nutritional beliefs as society swims in an ocean of food and gluttony. And this will have tremendous consequences on the food industry as we know it because if even 25% of the population applies this knowledge to their lifestyles, our production chain will unravel like dominoes. From farms to supermarkets.

Economically speaking, that does not bode well as you may guess but genuine Freedom is priceless and luckily money cannot buy "IT". Many college degrees are going to hate what is coming but who cares? They just will have to go back to school.

And please mark our words, we'll get there quicker than you might think as fasting becomes increasingly trendy. The buzz is exponential as a matter of fact. While we are at it, we recommend our two previous blogs on the topic: Fatty Liver, Erectile Dysfunction, And Dementia Are The Next Epidemics and The Day Intermittent Fasting Became A "Declared" Threat To Pharma.

The fear of death is a pretty forceful drive, and we saw this during the fake great reset-pandemic. We also hear a lot from doctors contending that "painful bloating" is what prompts patients to consider fasting, and which is not only the result of eating too frequently but ingesting too many heavy carbs and toxic vegetable oils.

We are not pro-climate change activists at EarthCustodians but we definitely agree that food overproduction is damaging the ecosystem big time. We're depleting the planet to get a pandemic of chronic diseases. More nonsensical than that is impossible, isn't it?.

Indeed, what would happen to the Ag Chemical (and the like) if the same 25% could afford better food quality because they eat just a good meal once daily instead of three? Let's recall that these "poison manufacturers" have gained our trust by repeatedly claiming that there was not enough to eat for half the planet.

This brings into question the overpopulation fear-mongering agenda that would be also addressed by the same token if at least 25% would shift to healthier eating habits. All that depends on making the right decision for ourselves... The paradigm shift starts at home and cannot be stopped! Eventually, 25% will grow to 50% because people will all know "somebody" telling them why intermittent fasting is the way.

We must realize that Earth will sustain any behavior that is good for us in the long run and solutions will come along. Waste and addictive behaviors have to be put to rest. We didn't care that much as long as we didn't have to face the aftermath of our ecological impact and addicts were kept away from our posh neighborhoods but obviously, we now have to confront a monster of our own making.

Yes, taking back our health will come at a huge cost but it is worth it because the healing of the planet is as much important as our own now. We failed as the guardians of biodiversity and must now acknowledge that our planet is sentient and dictates our destiny. That's the only way we are going to make it as a species.

We don't want this blog to be merely inspiring but to ring the alarm bell and spread the fact that saving the Earth doesn't require 100s of billions of dollars

We have been fooled!

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