The Day Intermittent Fasting Became A "Declared" Threat To Pharma

in #ecotrainlast year (edited)

From the People's Convoy media blackout and the "real fake" Ukraine crisis to the pharmaceutical patenting of nature and human beings and WW3 possibly around the corner, we're anxiously keeping an eye on any possible catalysts that could spark a paradigm shift but those are still flimsy.

People desperately want change but they do not want to PAY for it because they have their own plans laid out that they don't want to see derail. It looks as if people are afraid to make the leap and still prefer to believe in the happy ending of the Titanic. The fact that freedom is expensive -- while it should be free of charge -- should prompt us to rethink the philosophical purpose of humanity. If freedom is not free then nothing is and that's the strict bottom line.

There is a one and sole "connecting dot" between all these events of course and which is the deep lack of sovereignty associated with the deep fear of finally discovering our real selves. Unless promoting how to break free from the corporate gulag, contracting in any fashion with this dystopian framework is going to make the transition more painful and the victory even less likely.

The time has come to think holistically!

And the organic industry has also contributed to the spread of metabolic diseases in its own way. In every organic supermarket, we find plenty of products composed of high fat and high fructose on the shelves. It does not really matter whether the ingredients are said organic or not because the body will release high insulin while digesting anyway. Ice cream and fries are the worse.

Although growing food should become the new normal, the "organic label" is nothing more than a gimmick encouraging guilt-free gluttony.

Question: are you one of those unable to stay without snacking for more than 3 hours? If yes, you're addicted to food and most likely you have (or soon will) an insulin problem causing endless cravings. Look no further, our Western indoctrination has done wonders.

Food consumption is killing us at a faster rate than ever before. Time to wake up. Eating can be hazardous!

To add to the injury, even those eating "organic" are also at risk because even though the quality does matter, the quantity is as much as important: the more often we munch the more we disturb our metabolism. If most people could stick to one meal per day and/or could fast 1 or 2 days weekly, there wouldn't be an organic industry capitalizing on "healthy gluttony" so to speak, not to mention that Big Ag would go broke overnight. Yes, if the idea of skipping a meal sounds like a life threat your relationship with food is emotional!

The decision has always been ours. The intermittent fasting trend is already well advanced and on the brink to become the only real threat to pharma. Control what (and how much) you put in your mouth and read about the supporting scientific evidence now!

It is a metaphysical situation that we are faced with, that tells us that as soon as we take the matter into our own hands, we can fix other threatening aspects. If we change the way we look at the problem, we can heal the planet. There is no way possible to repair the environment if can't take care of ourselves first. Corporate thinking has held us, hostages, for much too long...

We need to focus on a new societal model that understands the benefits of freedom and the disastrous consequences of any form of self-indulgence.