The Garden Of Eden

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The Garden Of Eden

The Garden of Eden is pronounced Gan-Eden or גן־עדן. The Garden of Eden is also called Paradise.

We start with the first word: Gan (גן). Gimel, the 3rd Hebrew Letter, relates to the 3rd Tarot Card: the Empress. Gimel means “Camel.” The Empress also relates with the fires of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is also known as the Binah in the world of the Kabbalah. The Empress also symbolizes the Divine Mother Kundalini. The Divine Mother Kundalini has many names. She is the Virgin Mary (Virginis Carmeli) in Christianity. She is Isis (EE-S-EE-S) in Egyptian. Nun relates to sexuality. Gan is sexuality associated with the Divine Mother Kundalini.

Eden (עדן) is to experience the doorway to “real” sexuality. The first letter is Ayin, which means eyes or to see or experience. Daleth represents the doorway. Another word that has Daleth is Da'ath, which means knowledge. To know or realize oneself is sexual. Nun relates to sexuality or knowledge. Eden in Hebrew means pleasure, bliss, or delight. The word Eden also reminds us of the love story of Eros (symbolizing love) and Psyche (symbolizing the soul), where the procreation of Eros and Psyche through immortal love created the goddess of pleasure: Hedone (Ηδονή) in Greek or Voluptas in Latin. It is obvious that Hedone is derived from the Hebrew Word: Eden.

Whenever we say “real sexuality”, we only refer to immaculate knowledge. In reality, there is only one path to normal sexuality. Real sexuality is not and never will be fornication, adultery, masturbation, homosexuality, and all other forms of sexual impurity. Fornication, adultery, masturbation, homosexuality, and all other forms of sexual impurity only relate to infrasexuality. Infrasexuality means “before or lower than sexuality.” All forms of infrasexuality are examples of carnal knowledge. Those who say or recommend that masturbation, fornication, adultery, homosexuality, and/or any forms of sexual immorality are normal are sincerely mistaken people. These mistaken people will lead them to the Abyss.

We are going to translate the three words which the sinning “I” will be very easily confused. The three words are “to have sex.” To have sex does not mean to fornicate, which the sinning “I” is easily confused. The sinning “I” is always infrasexual, and it will not strongly identify/justify itself as infrasexual. The sinning “I” will always associate “to have sex” with lust and fornication. To have sex (actually) is to connect sexually with a spouse without spilling the divine energy to orgasm (killing all forms of fornication and lust). This is the sacred Arcanum A.Z.F., the immaculate knowledge. Another word for immaculate knowledge is white magic. That is all.

Eden itself is sex. The path to Eden is sexuality. The path to the Garden of Eden is through the proper use of sexuality. The proper use of sexuality is scientific chastity and the perfect matrimony of husband and wife. The Path to the Garden of Eden is the experience of entering into the art of real sexuality. The Path to the Garden of Eden is the straight and narrow path to which Matthew 7:13-14 refers.

The Garden of Eden is all over the world, yet it is located within the fourth vertical, the 4th dimension. The Garden of Eden is located in the Sephiroth of Yesod/Iesod (יסוד), or the Promised Land in the Bible. When Adam and Eve fornicated (ate the forbidden fruit of the tree of knowledge of goodness and impurity), they took on the path of pain and suffering and were expelled from the Garden of Eden. However, Eden is not closed nor locked. Instead, Yah-Hovah Elohim sent the Cherubim (כרבים) with a flaming sword to guard the entrance.

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However, it is still possible to return to the Garden of Eden. In the name of truth, there is one road back to the Garden of Eden alone; there is no other road. All false roads which attempt the return to Eden will lead one to death.

In order to return to the Garden of Eden, we must comprehend the book of Genesis Chapter 3.

It is written that the serpent was craftier than the Elohim has made and tempted Eve to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of goodness and impurity. The tree of knowledge of goodness and impurity is related to Gnosis. Gnosis itself relates to sexuality, for the word “know” is to have a sexual connection. Eve represents the sexual organs of man and woman; Eve also represents the woman. This serpent is the tempting serpent of Eve or the negative serpent within man and woman.

The negative serpent is a fiery serpent of sex, which is called Lucifer. When the negative serpent fell, the serpent and the sexual organs (Eve) became enmities or enemies. In Hebrew, this fiery serpent of sex is called Shaitan (שטן), or Satan. When the negative serpent fell, it became the famous tail of Satan. He who obeys the negative serpent eats the forbidden fruit.

To eat the forbidden fruit is to spill the divine energy through the orgasm. Another word to eat the forbidden fruit is to fornicate. When Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, their eyes were opened. Both Adam and Eve obeyed the negative serpent and fornicated. When their eyes were opened, Adam and Eve learned to be afraid and to be ashamed of their nakedness.

Adam represents the head or the brain; Adam also represents man. Thus, when sex dominates the brain, it represents fornication. When sex dominates the brain, the pentagram becomes inverted, representing the goat of Mendes or the inverted star of the black magicians.

Little and behold, Yah-Hovah Elohim punished the negative serpent, Eve, and Adam for the sins of fornication. In the name of truth, fornication is the original sin of man and woman, and fornication itself is the unforgivable sin. Out of fornication gives birth to lust and the sinning “I”. When man and woman fornicated, the woman will always give birth to children with the most severe pain.

Because Adam and Eve fornicated, they were banished from the Garden of Eden by Yah-Hovah Elohim by driving them into the wilderness. This wilderness is the dimension of pain and suffering. The road back to the Garden of Eden is not closed nor locked; instead, Yah-Hovah Elohim sent Cherubim east of the Garden of Eden and stationed them at the entrance with the flaming sword turning every direction to guard the way to the Tree of Life.

The return to the Garden of Eden is always and will always be a very difficult path, for one must have great willpower to control and dominate the tempting serpent of Eve. Because Adam and Eve obeyed the negative serpent, Adam and Eve must perform the antithesis of obedience to the negative serpent. Adam and Eve must dominate and conquer the negative serpent. The Tempting serpent always resides on the Tree of Knowledge of Goodness and Impurity. The temptation of the negative serpent is at its strongest during the sexual connection of man and woman. It is also written that Eve will desire her husband, and Adam will rule over Eve.

The sexual organs will desire the brain, yet the brain must dominate sex. Because sexual dominion over the brain represents the inverted pentagram, brain dominance over sexual organs creates the superior star or the superior pentagram. When the brain dominates sex, it represents the sexual transmutation of man and wife inwards and upwards.

Because man (Adam) and woman (Eve) fornicated (by eating the forbidden fruit), they must practice the exact antithesis of fornication: immaculate sexuality and sexual transmutation. The path to Eden requires that one must perform scientific chastity and must also have a spouse for the sacred work of self-realization. As man represents Adam-Christ (Jesus Christ), the woman represents Mary Magdalene. Mary Magdalene represents our priestess-spouse, with whom we must practice. The secret: man and woman must practice the sexual connection without spilling the divine energy while transmuting sexual energy inwards and upwards. The sexual energy cannot be contained.

Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden as a couple, and also as a couple, Adam and Eve must return to the Garden of Eden from the same door they exited. It is urgent to comprehend one's mistakes and then act to change them, which is the real definition of true penance.

Little and Behold! The Path to the Garden of Eden is to perform scientific chastity and to have sex with your spouse without spilling the divine energy to orgasm. The Path to Eden is a razor's sharp edge. The road back to the Garden of Eden is the narrow path in Matthew 7:14.

The woman is also the straight and narrow path. The symbol of the woman is the astrological symbol of Venus. The symbol of Venus is brain over sex. The brain is the circle, and the sex is the cross. I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, say that the path to your spouse is the Venus Symbol. The Venus Symbol itself is the narrow path.

In the name of truth, sex is the door back to the Garden of Eden alone, yet immaculate knowledge and sexual transmutation of man and woman are the only passcodes back to the Garden of Eden. There is no other door to Eden, for all other doors to Eden are false and lead others only to destruction and death.

Man and woman left the Garden of Eden through the improper use of sexuality. Man and woman must return to the Garden of Eden through the proper use of sexuality.

The only way for a woman to give birth to children without severe pain is to never spill the divine energy through the orgasm ever again. Both man and woman must renounce fornication forever in order to create immaculate children under the guidance of the Elohim. Fornication is not and will never be tolerated in the Garden of Eden.

Through conquering the negative serpent, dominating sexual energy with the brain, restraining and transmuting sexual energies inwards and upwards, man and woman shall once again eat the fruit from the Tree of Life. Through this right, man and woman shall once again drink the Elixir of long life, found within the sexual mysteries.

Be warned: the tenebrous ones disagree. Yes, the tenebrous ones are the dangerous demons and sorcerers of all time. They will deliberately entice and mislead others away from the narrow path in order to lead them to destruction and death. These tenebrous ones desire to close and lock the only door back to the Garden of Eden; their desires will never be satisfied. These demons and sorcerers leading others away from the narrow path are sincerely mistaken entities. For these tenebrous ones who refuse to sexually repent, they will be subjected to the Second Death in the Abyss where the wailing and the gnashing of teeth are heard.

Anyone who believes or accepts that one can re-enter the Garden of Eden without sex is sincerely mistaken. Little and behold: he is truly infrasexual.

In order to re-enter the Garden of Eden, one must deny himself (kill all legions of the sinning “I”s), take up the cross (Arcanum A.Z.F. of man and wife), and follow Christ (sacrifice for others). Adam (man) and Eve (woman) must rise again from their fallen state in order to reconquer what was lost.

Bonus #1: The Only Cure Against Nocturnal Pollution

Nocturnal Pollution is dreams which cause fornication, leading to wet dreams. Within the mental, the polluted world exists houses of prostitution and witchcraft where succubi and incubi engender. When fornication occurs in the mental world, the spilling of the divine energy also occurs physically. Nocturnal pollution and wet dreams are also adulterous in the mental world of prostitution.

For single people who ended up with wet dreams, this is very grave. Wet dreams and nocturnal pollution are also sexual diseases. How grave is the sexual diseases that fuel lust and desire instead of love!

The only known cure against nocturnal pollution is the Arcanum A.Z.F. A man must need a woman for the Arcanum A.Z.F., while a woman needs a man for the Arcanum A.Z.F. In the name of truth, only the immaculate sexual connection of man and wife through the Perfect Matrimony can destroy nocturnal pollution and wet dreams once and for all. Use the secret of the Arcanum A.Z.F. daily, and this is how one is liberated from wet dreams and nocturnal pollution forever.


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