Education, agriculture, finance, energy and spirituality.

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What are the most important subjects? Where to start ?


If you don’t know how your mind is working and why you are producing new desire every days, you may follow the wrong path. Is it spirituality or neuroscience?

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What are the good questions? Who can answer? Everybody should be entitle to a free education. Hive is doing better, on Hive you are paid when you ask questions!!! the true revolution that few people still have understood.

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Finance and blockchain

Blockchain is a bigger revolution than internet. When people understand that they can create their own currency and the governance tool to decide which projects they want to build together...if they have sufficient knowledge of who they really are, will bring disruptive innovations.

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You are what you eat, each knowledge about where your food comes from and how they have been grown is a step in the good direction. Who owns the land and the water, how are they distribute among population?


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Which energy do you use to power your computer, move your car, heat your house and grow your food? How to produce them?

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A mix of these 5 domains could constitute the basis of a solid education, what do you think?

Have a nice day.


Blockchain will end new world ordwr capitalism amen XD